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1st Place in the Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Linda Lee Lyberg/Polaroid

This is the well-deserved winner of the ‘Moon Ate the Dark’ writing prompt challenge I entered; it’s such a well-crafted short story, I love it. Enjoy, gabrielle : )

Brave and Reckless

Kudos to Linda Lee Lyberg for her winning Moon Ate the Dark submission, Polaroid!

I have been completely blown away by the amount of quality writing that was submitted and the amount of love the readers at Brave and Reckless have shown the writers.  It is my honor to feature these amazing voices.

I am keeping my eyes out for a prompt for the next writing challenge.  Feel free to contact me with your prompt ideas.

Easing myself out of bed, I dress with the moon as my sole source of light. Spectral shadows in the deepest corners of the room condemn me for what I am about to do. He tosses and turns as if he knows, but settles once again. I halt, listening for signs he’s sleeping.

Tonight is an evening bright as day for the moon ate the dark when it rose in majestic splendor. Banishing the…

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