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By the way, I’m being teased from afar

It’s my 51st birthday in 5 days. Last year I was in Paris, watching fireworks at the Palace of Versailles, and cycling all over the city with my old lover, staying in 2 different apartments. This time, I’m choosing the simplicity of staying still in the Barn with family.

But my dear, sweet, online love ‘H’ will [obviously] not be around to celebrate with me. A few days before I left Australia however, H handed me a package:


‘I made you this for your birthday. Don’t open it till the actual day.’


That’s so cruel! How can I resist it?

‘And don’t hassle me about what it might be; I’m not going to tell you.’


But H, how can I not try to guess? Obviously it’s a book of some kind…

Maybe I could just peek in a corner?

Later, my son ‘17’ said: ‘You could just open it before your birthday but not tell H.’ [This suggestion reveals so much about the teenage brain, doesn’t it?].

For a naughty moment, I admit I considered that option…

But now it’s at least 14 days since it was handed into my care, and I still haven’t looked. I’m being so mature aren’t I?

5 more sleeps to go; I hope I can make it (I confess I nearly crumbled a couple of times when I was feeling super lonely).

What would you have done?


  1. Peter says

    I think H should ask to see a picture of the wrapped gift sitting on today’s paper. You might be posting pictures taken 5 minutes after you parted. x

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    • OMG you are so suspicious of me… (rightly so obviously!), but that IS a very good point… if only I wasn’t too full of croissants to go buy a paper 😉

      Thanks for reading & actually commenting xxx


  2. Michelle Cole says

    I doubt I could have resisted opening it so long unless I had someone else keep it for me until the right day.

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  3. To me, the suspense is the best part. The danger, though, is that you build up the contents of the package in your mind to such an extent that the reality can never quite match the fantasy. On a related note, I wish you an early happy 51st birthday! I will hit that identical milestone in just over two months.

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  4. I’d resist too. I wouldn’t like myself very much if I couldn’t honour someone else’s thoughtfulness.

    And who knows, there could be a timer in there that could set off something like that bright blue dye package that always foils bank robbers if you opened it before the day. 😀

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    • Hahahahahaha! Good point 👍🏼

      Yes, I’m being honorable… although after reading this blog post, H sent me a text asking to see the still-unopened package on today’s French newspaper… 😘

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