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A merry Monday with Mum

On getting aboard a train to Exeter for the first time in a year-

Mum: “Ooh, it’s like being on a train isn’t it?”


  1. S_MW says

    Ah, I love this G. I hope things are going well. I’ve not been online as much, and apart from writing quick blogs of my own, I’ve not had much opportunity to check-in with you. Love ❤

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  2. oh dear, okay I just read this blog AFTER your last one.
    I had an Uncle who lived in Hampstead, London. Pre Alzheimers he always used to wander down to the antique shops. With Alzheimers, he used to wander down to the antique shops. His wife was TERRIFIED he would get lost, go missing, and kept asking him WHY HE HAD TO KEEP GOING THERE.
    He answered ‘I have never been before, the shops are wonderful.’

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  3. Oh, bless old people! Although at the time I don’t think we could pin it on dementia, a conversation with my step-dad suggesting he took my Mum to the seafront for an event that she was interested in; ‘I was in the Navy. I’ve been all round the world. Why would I want to go down to the seafront?’ We still giggle at that one. So lovely to see the smiles on both your faces. And maybe your Mum is sometimes in a different world, it’s one her own mind has created and she’s ok over there. We just don’t always get it 😉

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    • Oh that is a CLASSIC comment! Yes, it’s a curious adventure at the moment- am just about to do a new blog post about something else she said that was good 😀

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