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Why is Boris still there- doesn’t honour/honor matter anymore?

I emigrated from England to Australia in 1986, desperate to escape the destruction of the Thatcher years; I still see the dark seeds of her reign flowering.

But Boris is a whole new level of distress.


How can he have hosted social events in his home while the whole country was in lockdown?? My Mum was shut in her room in her nursing home; her sister couldn’t even visit, and when they were finally allowed to connect, it was via a closed bay window looking onto the carpark where my Aunt stood, speaking on the phone, although they could see each other.

Boris Johnson’s birthday party is among 12 events being investigated by police, according to an initial report on 16 gatherings by Sue Gray (it’s called ‘PartyGate’).

There are allegations of garden parties, DJs, and suitcases full of alcohol. A culture of ‘excessive drinking’ has been highlighted.

This is the Prime Minister: why is he still in charge? How can he just REFUSE to step down?

Come on English folks: TIME FOR DIRECT ACTION! Time to get up and riot. You had the strictest peacetime restrictions imposed by this cruel clown of a leader, who partied with his cabinet while 150,000 of you died lonely Covid deaths.

Weddings were cancelled, and you weren’t allowed to hug each other at funerals, while Boris was LYING TO YOUR FACES about his behaviour.

It’s an emotionally-abusive relationship; he’s gaslighting you; he’s a cheating, selfish, heartless arsehole: DUMP HIM.

You so deserve better.

Quite frankly, we ALL do.

Our own arsehole Prime Minister let us burn in bushfires while he went off to holiday in Hawaii, gave us the vaccine ‘Strollout’, and now has us scrabbling for PPE gear for nursing homes while Rapid Antigen Tests are few and far between…

What’s happened to Honour?

What’s happened to Integrity?

What’s happened to Empathy and Courage?

Why are we being led by such dickheads? Why are we voting them in, and letting them stay there?

I shake my head and shake my fist at the state of the world and its terrible leaders, at a time when we need good ones more than ever.

How about you? How do you deal with the lack of honour (or ‘honor’ for the Americans) all around us?

I need to take my cranky face out for a walk, then destroy some garden weeds: that’s one of my strategies…

In gratitude for being able to vent in a safe place, & gardening, G xO


  1. Unfortunately, shame lost its effectiveness as a political tool sometime between the rise of Newt Gingrich in the early 1990s and the election of Donald Trump in 2016. We in the US dealt with that latter fiasco by electing a Democratic House of Representatives in 2018 then voting for the extremely honorable duo of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Kamala Devi Harris in 2020 – while making the lovely Chuck Schumer of New York Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate. Elections swing both ways – sometimes we elect embarrassing bozos, and sometimes we elect dedicated professionals. As I understand British politics, it will take a massive vote of No Confidence by the House of Commons – or by Conservative Party members? – to remove Johnson (not unlike when a delegation of leading Republicans told Richard Nixon it was time to go in July/August 1974). Johnson will not go of his own volition.

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  2. As Matt outlined above, it is hard to fathom why they/we make such appalling choices and then lack any dignity/honor/backbone/sense of service to throw the bums out! Bizarre. And sometimes people have to get really ill before they will make a change. Me, I’m tired of being knocked on the head, going for proactive when possible.

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    • Oh I so hear that tiredness Steph. I’m sorry we are in this world of such poor politicians- every election I get excited that we can vote someone new & invigorating in… but then we don’t 😞😩😰


  3. I’d like to see a decade-long mandate that every country must have a female at its helm. That’s not to say there aren’t going to be some dangerous, incompetent, or corrupt women, but on the whole, I think women would govern with more intelligence, integrity, and compassion. They certainly couldn’t do any worse. Too bad we’ll never know.

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  4. I shall put on my Cassandra hat and say, ‘they’re only getting started’. 😦

    … there’s this great series on YouTube called ‘The Fall Of Civilisations’, which chronicles the rise and fall of many great empires/civilisations of the past … the thing that has really brought home to me looking around at what’s happening everywhere in the world, to varying degrees of awfulness is that this cycle has happened before, over, and over, and over again.

    Perhaps the only difference here in the 21st Century is interconnectivity has made this ‘civilisation’, a global one … so the ‘fall’, is happening on a global scale.

    Each of those empires of the past, all reached a stage where their underlying ethos, expansionism, exploiting natural resources, ‘circuses’, (the Roman sort) etc, became unsustainable … and ’tis the nature of life to give way to death to give way to rebirth.

    Each time we, as a species, shoot ourselves in the foot, and various other bits of our anatomy, some part of us survives and rebuilds, and some parts of that rebuilding are built better than what was built before.

    Perhaps this isn’t what you wanted as a response to your rant, which was brilliant by-the-way :D, but I find that once I’ve got the pain I’m feeling out in a rant or a crying jag, it’s necessary to take a step back (a great many steps) and view things from a distant perspective, until I feel like I’m back inside my skin again … that and a bracing cuppa and/or a good long walk and talk with Mother Nature. Remember, whatever us silly humans do, She will never fail us, not in the end. 🙂

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    • Deep in my heart & soul, I concur.

      It pains me deeply though, because of beloved son Nearly22… I want him to live a fun, adventurous life as I have done, full of love, learning, & yes, plentiful time in Mama Nature.

      But you’re right. I appreciate the honesty of your answer… 😢❤️🙏🏼

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  5. With you all the way. We’re being led by consummate snakeoil salesmen. Still feeling nauseous over #ScottyFromMarketing washing someone’s hair in a salon. Even just watching made me want to disinfect my scalp. 😦

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