France, July 2017

“Bone-true tales by a silverfox hot[flush] Mama”: online dating & love, teenage son, health & travel, creative writing.

Why ‘bone&silver’ you ask? Because I’m interested in the truths we feel deep down in our bones…  the times when you know you know you know.

Everything I write is 100% bone-marrow true.

And my hair is silver, because I refuse to disguise myself: Ageism sucks!

I just turned FIFTY ONE (how the hell did that happen??).

Sometimes I’m 18 on the inside, which for me meant anxious and curious.

Sometimes I’m 30: bold, still curious, adventurous.

Occasionally I’m 40, my favourite time until Now, completely unstoppable in my self-determination, curiosity and creativity.

So I’m here to write about what stirs me, in my depths; perhaps a mirror to yours? I plan to blog 2-3 times a week, sometimes funny, sometimes serious.

My son ’17’ laughs with me while he loves to surf and cook; occasionally I’m wooed and adored by various lovers, as an Online Dating Queen, yet also happy single.

I’m very content generally: healthy, doing creative theatrical work I love, living in a cute house near Byron Bay, Australia.

I used to blog over HERE at Reading Dad’s Journals, about adjusting to life after suddenly losing my Dad; now I’m ready for a new, more passionate and upbeat flavour of writing.

Many thanks for reading, G x




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  2. Thanks for liking my recent L’oreal post – always delightful to see a like, and I’m very new to this blogging thing. I just peeked at your blog here. I will be 50 when my son turns 15, just a few years away. I lost my dad a couple of years ago, I was 41. So similar to you. How lovely you had your dad’s journals (I think?). I started reading your other blog too but had to stop as I was reminded of my lovely dad, whom I miss so much still. Will look back later when feeling more resilient and follow along here….


    • Oh yes, that is very similar! Thanks for following me- this blog is indeed much lighter than my Dad one- I still haven’t brought myself to read all his journals- still can’t decide if it’s Right… Be gentle with yourself- you are never the same after losing your Dad… take care, G

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  3. Lesley Howard says

    Snerkle-snort-laughing at the “I know what I mean, honey” graphic above and love your posts. Am sitting here in southwest Virginia with a big goofy grin on my face. Carry on! And that avoidant/stressy/happy attachment style stuff: exACTly what I’m working on, too. Huh.

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    • Haha- isn’t it a fabulous pic? It’s actually a birthday card given to me by a cheeky beloved friend who knows me well 😘 I’m glad to make you smile 😊


  4. Gabrielle, I love, love love your blog! Thanks for finding and following me. I’m going to follow yours too. Wow. Great to meet you. 🙂 Blessings, Debbie
    ps – I spent about 3 months in Australia last year. Loved it.

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      • Oh no kidding! I heard Byron Bay is amazing, Gabrielle. I was all over — Sydney, Melbourne, Tazzie, drove across the Outback, Perth, and Adelaide!! I was engaged to be married, and it didn’t work out. I’m now based in LA – at least for now! Looking at what’s next for me. Blessings to you, Gabrielle – be in touch anytime. 🙂 ~Debbie

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    • Yes yes yes! Some of the most vibrant & attractive women I know are over 55… such a fascinating age (apart from the slight achy joints 😏)


  5. I’ve recklessly nominated you for an award. Paying forward my own nomination to those that have made me giggle/think/filled my heart. You can ignore it, accept it quietly and graciously, or throw a party and show off 🙂 Either way, tis done and forgive that I’m commenting with these exact same words on my other nominations as I can’t find a better way of putting it! https://thelockwoodecho.com/2017/09/04/blogger-recognition-award/

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    • Thanks Lockwood, I’m honoured. I’ve previously been nominated for a couple of different ones, but I’m not sure I want to join the award party… I totally appreciate the thought and link though, and I’m glad you read along and enjoy me. Every reader counts : ) Thanks again, gabrielle


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