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#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

‘I want to eat my lawn’: craving greens on a week-long ration challenge

Support my refugee cause by donatingI’m heading into Day 5, and after this week of eating the same food as a Syrian refugee, will be avoiding rice for at least the next 3 months.

Day 3 was hard: I felt really foggy in my brain, and almost angry that I was making myself do this.

Thank goodness that passed. Today has been better, apart from fighting my ridiculous urge to eat anything green, including grass.

On Facebook, other Ration-Challengers have been moaning about no caffeine, sugar, or alcohol; I’m just having serious fantasies about superfood green smoothies, bunches of fresh spinach, and steamed broccoli heads with olive oil and cracked pepper.I made falafel-type patties for lunch & dinner: remember I only have salt, flour, veg oil, one spice (cumin), no garlic, no onion. But oh boy, they still tasted delicious!


If you feel like helping me reach the final fundraising target of $1500 (I’m on almost $1300), here is my Donation Page link. And thank you so much.

Or please send parsley and kale, express post… 😉

In utter gratitude for my waiting fridge and its contents, G xO

America, where’s your goddamn empathy?

I cannot believe I’m watching footage of crying children in ‘cages’, and reading comments that say their parents shouldn’t have broken the law anyway.

What the f*** is happening over there?

I’m hungry as hell here in Australia, brain a bit foggy on Day 3 of Refugee rations challenge, and today is World Refugee Day. I’ve raised over $1200 through my donations page HERE, and am therefore helping to feed 3 Syrian refugees for a year.

That feels amazing, and thank you to my fellow bloggers, including The Lockwood Echo.

But you Americans? You need to donate to an organisation in your own country, helping out these traumatised kids. Here’s Brené Brown’s endorsed link, and this recommendation from my journalist sister-in-law in New York.

Take action. Spend twenty bucks on someone else, not yourself. Spend fifty. Send only two. But please DO SOMETHING!


Day 1 of Refugee rations challenge done. And Pay Pal makes it easier

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

I missed my morning pot of tea, it’s true. But I’m less than $20 off raising $1000 so far for refugees, so I’m confident I won’t be starting every post of this week on rations complaining about my lack of favourite hot beverage!

There’s my cup of hot water first thing though, still so sleepy it couldn’t quite get itself into focus for the photo 😉

We’re having incredible winter weather here in Australia: bright blue clear skies, warm sun, but still a cool nip to the skin in the shade- believe me, it’s a divine treat after all the humidity and wetness of our summer months- sipping my water on the verandah still felt full of privilege.

So onto breakfast: a portion of my rice allowance, with a sprinkling of pre-soaked then boiled chickpeas. I only added salt.

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

I’ve decided to start quite plain and strict, then ease myself into more tasty meals as the week progresses, and I get more uncomfortable/hungry/hangry.

A big thank you to the 3 Anonymous donors, in case you came from WordPress, and to Matt over at Just Bear With Me, plus Eve at Unleashing the Cougar , who used the simple Pay Pal button to donate to my cause. My lovely reader Kate from Photobooth Journal decided to forgo her weekly coffee and cake treat so she could contribute, thanks Kate!  ❤

So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can show your support during Refugee Week by giving even $10 to this fundraising appeal.

After my simple brekky, I went for a bush walk with my niece and the comet woman, then had hunger pangs as they ate their mandarins… but I didn’t budge.

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

What to have for my late lunch was easy, and it’s looking like dinner too :~/

I have a feeling this is going to be a very long, slow week… I will try to keep posts upbeat.

Feel free to join the donation party by clicking HERE, and a reminder that it’s all totally secure, legitimate, and is running for the 4th year in a row- we’ve raised over $2 million so far this week.

In gratitude for a sense of community across the oceans, G xO

How do you start your morning- tea or coffee? Well, neither if you’re a refugee

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

My official Refugee Rations box arrived for the Ration Challenge, and it feels weird to know I’m getting to ‘play’ at such a serious situation for only a week- the privilege mocks me.

Thanks to lovely friends and my network, I’ve raised almost $900 so far, which feels awesome; having reached various ‘fundraising targets’, I’ve ‘earnt’ myself 50g of salt (instead of sugar), some milk, a spice (I’m choosing cumin), and now a small head of broccoli (170g) plus yesterday an egg!

Very exciting. These rewards don’t come out of the fundraising donations of course; it just means I am able to include them in my refugee diet. It works on the honour system, and it’s a lovely feeling to know that all over Australia, thousands of us are doing this together to raise awareness and take action in support of our vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world.

I’m about $100 off being ‘allowed’ 2 teabags, and if there’s one thing I love it’s my pot of peppermint tea in the morning… PLEASE donate if you haven’t already, and help me get this treat.

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

It’s easy to donate from America, England, or anywhere overseas: just click the link below, click the Donate button, and nominate the amount you want to choose at the bottom of the list- even $10 would be awesome. As I said before, if half of you donated $10, I’d raise $4,300… and rest assured that all of the funds go directly to the refugee cause; the friend that roped me into this researched the ethics and accountability of this organisation before she got us involved.

Act for Peace Ration Challenge HERE

With the amount I’ve raised, my supporters and I are feeding two Syrian refugees for a year: that feels SO GOOD. I’m certainly not looking forward to being hungry over the next seven days, but with over 65.5 million people currently displaced from their homes and communities around the world, I figure I can deal with it.

Here’s the link again, in case you’re hesitating… and just remember how easily we in the West can make a small gesture that has much bigger, positive, global repercussions…

Act for Peace Ration Challenge HERE

With blessings, thanks & gratitude, G xO

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

Tri This: One Year!!!

Steph was the first WordPress blogger to sponsor me for my ‘Refugee Rations Week’ – thanks Steph! And she can’t do it herself because she’s running her first Triathalon- very inspiring for anyone over 50- we can do [almost] anything ❤ xx G

Curious Steph

One year ago today, I began my triathlon training adventure. I had been inspired by a report in my local newspaper about a sprint/mini-sprint race held at a rec center the previous weekend. I looked at the distances involved and thought “I can do that”. More importantly, I wanted to do that.

Starting out, my goal was to do a sprint distance race about a year from when I began. I’m on track, with that race scheduled for a week from Saturday. I’ve done two mini sprint races in the interim, one last August, and an indoor time rather than distance based race in January. As I’ve mentioned before, this upcoming race is a leap both in terms of distance covered and the swim is open water, in a reservoir. Open water adds some challenges; a more congested group start, staying on course without that black line on the…

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My ‘Refugee rations’ box has arrived, & I’m a bit scared

Support my refugee cause by donating

Please donate to the refugee cause #rationchallenge #actforpeace #refugeerations #firstworldproblems

Next week, June 17-24, I’m going to be hungry and grumpy. How do I know already? Because I will be trying to survive on official refugee rations for that one week.

Right now, there are more than 65.5 million refugees and displaced persons around the world, according to the UN Refugee Agency. This means elderly people who’ve lost their lifelong homes, sick or injured people with no access to medical care, loving families crammed into thin tents in cold winters, and of course children with no option to go to school.

I live a wonderfully privileged life here in Australia, with fresh water in my kitchen, organic produce at the Farmers Markets every week, and sleeping safely in my bed each night.

But if I’d been born in Syria, I would have a different story. Right now, I could be living in a tent with my son, with minimal prospects for employment or education, and trying to feed ourselves with only the official weekly refugee rations:

  • 420g white rice
  • 170g lentils
  • 85g dried chick peas
  • A tin of sardines or 125g block of tofu
  • 1 tin of red kidney beans
  • 300ml vegetable oil
  • 400g plain flour
  • Another 1.5kg of white rice if needed

That’s no salt. No vegetables. No tea, coffee, sugar, milk, garlic, black pepper, spices or flavourings of any kind. No fruit or sweet treats. No alcohol, and certainly no avocados (my addiction).

Support my refugee cause by donating

Please donate to the refugee cause #rationchallenge #actforpeace #refugeerations #firstworldproblems

Please sponsor me to complete this daunting challenge, and help me raise funds for refugee resources via organisation Act for Peace, which has been running this campaign for 4 years, inspiring more than 25,000 people, and raising more than $6 million for refugees and vulnerable communities around the world.

Even a $10 donation will make a huge difference.

For $64, we can feed a refugee family for a week.

For $144, a single child can access education and counselling in a refugee camp for 2 months.

If you’re feeling really generous, $512 can provide emergency food rations (just like mine) for 2 Syrian refugees for a whole year.

Now bone&silver has officially got 875 Followers; if only half of you donated $10, we’d raise over $4,300…

It’s super easy to do: just CLICK THIS LINK to my team fundraising page!

In gratitude for your support, encouragement, and cold hard cash, G xO 


When you decide on the perfect gift for your 18-year old son, but then…

An old silver ring as an ideal birthday gift

Mexican ring #over50 #australia #familyheirloom #birthdaygift

What would you buy a teenager reaching such a milestone birthday? The challenge threw me for days, until inspiration suddenly struck at 3am (thanks menopause): Mum’s ring! Well, it’s my ring actually, which Mum passed on to me many years ago, that I treasure.

My Dad gave it to her on their honeymoon in Mexico, and although it’s a simple design, I love it, loaded with sentiment and meaning as it is now.

The stick figure is roughly carved, and apparently represents the legend of a Girl holding a Rainbow- perfect for me. My son ’17’ often picks it up when I’ve left it lying around on the shelf after washing dishes for example, and has made frequent comments about how well it fits him, and how good it looks on him (as teenagers are wont to do).

But I always refuse to lend it to him, and have remained strict about that, despite his cute cajoling (as teenagers are wont to do). Imagine if he lost it?

Then 3am inspiration arrived: why not get a replica made locally, so that we each have one?


I knew I’d nailed it. What a sublime gift idea, full of symbolism and family connection, yet unique too; ticking all the boxes for a perfect 18th birthday gift.

So I couldn’t help myself: I bragged a little. To my friends, to a few Pilates clients, to random strangers in the supermarket, to more friends, but swearing everyone to secrecy of course, and leaving no trail of my activities.

Then I made the mistake of boasting to ’17’ himself during Sunday breakfast.

‘I’ve nailed your birthday present. You’re gonna love it. It’s so good.’

He looked at me over his muesli bowl.

‘That’s a big statement Mum. Are you really sure? Should you tell me what it is so I can confirm it’s truly a good idea?’

I back-pedalled slightly, swore myself to secrecy, and changed the subject fast…

Until we met again in the kitchen at 10pm, returning from a fundraising party we’d both been at, smiling at each other occasionally across the dance floor.

‘So I’ve been thinking about my birthday present all day Mum, wondering what it is. Are you buying me a book or something?’


‘Are you taking me on a trip somewhere, like Bali to surf?’

You wish Honey.

‘Are you getting me some cool vintage clothes?’

Oh stop it.

By now he was almost in bed, as I was turning off all the lights and settling the cat; he suddenly stopped talking, and just looked right at me.

For about 5 seconds.

Then said:

‘You’re getting me a replica of that ring aren’t you?’

Teenage Tuesday: The last one ever with ’17’

This son of mine is funny, strong-minded, sensitive, and kind. He can also be messy, selfish, a bit lazy, and quite stubborn; a fairly normal teenager. We’ve had a good time with him here, haven’t we, laughing at his contributions to bone&silver?

But it’s all going to change on the weekend.

I was so content being pregnant, full of health and wellbeing

Like a lamb to the slaughter #innocent #pregnant #firsttime #australia @boneAndsilver

For this was me, a lifetime ago, standing on the edge of changes I had zero idea about, despite the weekly pregnancy group meetings, and various well-thumbed books.

I went past my due date by more than two weeks, which stressed out both my midwives, but then I had my baby at home on the back verandah as planned, with no interventions or pain relief. As long as I was up and walking, labour wasn’t too painful… just long.

Very long.

Long as in “Started-On-Wednesday-Morning-Came-Out-Friday-Morning-Long”.

Anyway, I made it. We made it. Born at 5am, on a clear frosty Winter’s morning, after his Mum had walked round and round the garden wrapped in a quilt for hours.

Resting in bed with my new baby, tired but so happy

Best place in the world #newborn #mum #baby #grateful #love

And now this weekend, he’s passing from 17 to 18, which is a massive milestone! No doubt I’ll write more about it, but I just wanted to acknowledge that this is the last possible Teenage Tuesday with ’17’ in it.

So I’m going to document his response today, as I made the innocent mistake of sharing some new information:

Me: I just found out a friend of mine makes her son a cooked breakfast every morning.

Him *without raising his eyes from his muesli bowl or missing a beat*: Yes, you really need to step it up a level Mum.

In gratitude for my wonderful baby boy, who will always be my baby, G xO 


Two comets dancing

Cuddling with the cat while I contemplate new queer romance over 50 in

Life over 50 is easier as a cat #romance #wellbeing #advice #blogging @boneAndsilver

I’m sitting here smiling with the cat at that post title. The attraction dance continues, slowly turning as we tangle in each other’s tails, sparks flying off the edges. [Not me and the cat; me and her.]

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to comment with advice on my last post, it was super helpful. A couple of real life friends kinda told me off for being too personal, and asked me if I was being a self-indulgent narcissist?


I don’t think so. I was reaching out for support and wisdoms which I didn’t feel I had to give myself, and the call was answered by my awesome blogging buddies. It was a personal post, but that’s the point round here. I’m trying to respond honestly to whatever’s going on, and use it as a stimulus for writing/creativity/art/connection- sometimes it’s ’17’, sometimes it’s politics, and sometimes it’s sex/love.

So be it.

And as I pointed out to my [wonderfully loving] yet challenging friends: if my post helped ONE person with their own dating issues, or negative patterns, or low self esteem, or heartache, then I’m happy.

The easy general consensus about my dating nervousness was:

  • Stop thinking too much
  • Life is short so go for it
  • It’s good to be aware of your habits, but having fun is also important

And this later comment (which some of you may have missed) was the golden nugget I couldn’t even dream of finding:

“The purpose of dating has two sides to it. Firstly, getting to know one another. Slow things down, enjoy the fireworks, find out what you have in common, look for signs of her attachment style, remembering that we each have bits n pieces of all of them but tend to have a default also. This is not to be used to analyse and decide to stay or go, but more to look deeper beyond the attraction. What does she need in a relationship to both keep her safe and to grow into her dreams? Do you have the capacity to meet the needs of her particular adaptations to love? These are big questions and take time to discover.

The other purpose I think is to see if this wonderful woman who breaths excitement into your very existence can meet your particular attachment kaleidoscope and needs. Can you show her your vulnerability? Can she hold it with the care of holding a new born baby? Does she show curiosity and want to know more about you, your experiences, your values? Does she support your ideas and dreams? Can she give you the freedom you need to flourish in the world? Can you truly be your vibrant, broken at times, creative, juicy, playful self? Can you communicate your heart’s desires, or do you at times clip your own wings so as not to ‘be too much’ or whatever old pattern may be stuck on replay.

I love that you are intent on staying conscious in this process. I don’t think it’s about the mismatch of attachment styles as much as I used to, I now think it’s about understanding theirs and yours so intently that you transcend the old push pull dynamic that can erupt when we hit one another’s sensitivities and wounds. This only comes from the intention to grow, the intention to experience true love…not just have a good time.

Wishing you an abundance of the kind of love that transforms lives ❤”

What a comment hey?! From an expert in the field of relationships and attachment systems- please contact me if you’re in Australia and would like more information about her.

In gratitude for shared care and understanding, G xO 

When a comet shoots by, but it’s probably just your Attachment system getting rattled

Going on a date night over 50 for my wellbeing and pleasure

#over50 #queer #rainbow #australia #dating @boneAndsilver

Time for a dating update folks: I met someone in real life. Well, I noticed her at a dance party about a year ago, but being a loyal partner to my ex, I just ignored her…

Then 6 months ago, a very good mutual friend actually introduced us properly, and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking ‘Oh you are so cute’, but being a loyal partner to my ex, I just ignored me…

Until 2 weeks ago, when on another funky dance floor in my killer blue jumpsuit over my freshly-healed heart, I found myself facing her, and just couldn’t ignore her for one more second.

We danced. We smiled. We yelled in each others’ ears. We flirted, then drifted away and back together a few times (I got on that dance floor at 5pm when I arrived, and barely left till the party closed at 11.30pm) before I finally asked her if she had a girlfriend (my middle name is clearly ‘Direct’).

When she said no, I may or may not have seen a small firework display go off behind us, lighting up the heavens with possibility and coloured sparks.

Yet another mutual friend ‘M’ then shimmied past and suddenly said ‘Oh my god, you two should so get together, you’d have so much fun!’ (‘M’s middle name is obviously similar to mine). We two grinned at each other awkwardly, then shyly looked in opposite directions.

Anyway, the DJ finally stopped playing, and someone flicked on the overhead neons; we all fled the scene like cockroaches surprised in the kitchen in the middle of the night, and I decided to head home sensibly solo before anything untoward happened.


*being 51 and ‘sensible’ is soooooo overrated sometimes.

The next morning, still totally high from the endorphins of 6 hours of dancing, my phone buzzed, and there was a text from friend ‘M’, sending me her number, and saying he’d sent her mine as well, hoping that was OK?


I texted back:

Thanks M 🙂 I’ll contact her tomorrow and tell her you…- wait, my phone just buzzed…- it’s her- I’d better go! xx

Well, it all got a little more exciting… a bit of to and fro (how did we ever date before texting??), and we caught up again that evening… at a mellow recovery dance party (I feel like I need to point out here that my life is usually NOT just one long party…). BUT ’17’ was there too, so I was acutely aware of my teenage son being on the same dance floor (how totally COOL is that though?), so minimised the flirting.

Since then there’s been a beach walk and quick brekky, plus a cuppa on my verandah, and multiple texts/explanations/ridiculous coincidences, but nothing other than hugs. So far.

Which gives me an incredible opportunity to try and check out my attachment system; I am sooooooooo sensible sometimes aren’t I?

I feel ridiculously excited when she’s around, but we are literally like fire and water: she parties hard, has a stressful demanding job, is super busy, and parties very hard (yes, I’m mentioning it twice because I feel like I need to).

I’m a clean-living, mostly non-drinking, health-orientated, pretty calm and centred human being; WHY am I so attracted to her? Does she symbolise my shadow side? The wild girl in contrast to Mrs Sensible? Is she an Avoidant, thereby appealing to my Anxious side? But she has a history of long term, live-in relationships, so she’s probably more Securely-attached than I am. Am I simply thinking too much? Quite honestly, I’m surprised at my own reactions; usually I’m a bit more self-contained.

And more than anything else, I want to go into this new phase of dating post-break-up with as much clarity as possible about what I’m doing, and why; being attracted to, and pursuing, a ridiculously different person to me seems like a silly thing to do… but oh how I want to. I feel like I’ve caught a comet by the tail, and it’s compelling.

Any thoughts? I’m relying on you!

In gratitude for all my readers with outside perspective, and objective advice, love G xO