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World Wednesday: Tell it like it is

In 2014, a campaign was launched online called Ban Bossy. It wanted to end the use of ‘bossy’ as an insult or control mechanism over assertive girls and young women, and instead promoteĀ ‘has leadership qualities/shows great initiative/stands up for herself’. When I watch this speech by Emma Gonzales, speaking in such passionate, articulate, and distressed terms about the terrible Florida school shooting, the Mum inside me is so damn proud of her. Tell the world Emma, what you know is wrong and right! Call BULLSHIT on that crap President of yours, and the other politicians lining their pockets with donations from the NRA! Tell the truth, and tell it like it is. Because 17 dead school children aren’t ever going to graduate, or travel overseas, or have their own children or start their own businesses… I cannot begin to imagine the pain of their bereft parents. Shame on those politicians indeed. So stuff being ‘good’. Stuff being ‘quiet’. Be a leader if you want to, big or small. #thefutureisfemale #TIMESUP