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Périgueux- home to perhaps the dodgiest Airbnb listing you’ve ever seen

Glorious day last week, with blue skies to rival Australia’s.

Time to visit the mediaeval town of Périguèux, 40 minutes drive away, including its cathedral, built in the 6th, 12th, and 16th century:

CathedralInterior1 CathedralInterior2

Time to be enchanted by the surrounding laneways, leading to the marketplace where son ‘15’ ate “…The best ribs of my whole life, even better than Dad’s, I’m sorry to say…” (no pics allowed, but let me assure you, there was Grease Chin, sticky fingers, and complete carnivorous delight):


Time to take my favourite picture of the trip so far:


Time to marvel at the unwelcome front doors they make round here:


A chance to picture Juliet, calling down to her love:


And then, walking along the river, we saw this- The Place You Don’t Want To Stay:


We were flabbergasted.


‘15’ kept giggling, and imagining having parties inside, and getting everyone to run from one side to the other to rock it [Oh the way teenagers’ minds work huh?!].

Let’s look at it one more time shall we? Imagine turning up here for the night, and facing this climb to your front door:


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