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Down the long lane

I was invited and encouraged to re-blog this old post of mine for the recent Mother’s Day, and #ForgivingFridays over at Debbie’s blog ForgivingConnects:
So here it is


My mother, who lives in England, turned 80 on July 4. From Australia, I had organised a 3-day weekend get together in an old farmhouse on Dartmoor for our closest relatives, meaning 13 of us met up to celebrate. I hauled myself over to the UK, begrudging all those people who sleep easily on planes. Still, four good films in a row aren’t bad going.

A couple of weeks before I left, I treated myself to a massage. As usual, I wondered why I don’t do it more often? It was such a lush experience, with hot white towels softly lowered over me, and warm wheat-bags resting along each limb, feeding the air with that fresh bread scent. No tinny dolphin music, just silence. It was in a private home, so no exterior noise, or impatient clients waiting outside the door for us to finish. The masseur created a wonderful…

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  1. Gabrielle, I am so grateful that I found this blog before I did my Forgiving Fridays for this week. Yippee!!!

    What a glorious post about your mum and your relationship with her. I just reread it and am so touched. I’m about to write today’s Forgiving Fridays and will include this in my updates, with love.

    For your awareness, I don’t have pingbacks set up for main page ( That’s why I didn’t get a message that you linked to my page!! If you’d like to contribute again to Forgiving Fridays, the best thing to do is to pingback to my most recent Forgiving Fridays post. (Just copy and paste the link after you read my blog post) Hope that makes sense Gabrielle!! ❤

    Have a wonderful Forgiving Fridays and weekend, Gabrielle!!

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    • Thanks so much Debbie- sorry, I just assumed pingbacks are everywhere! Your care & attention to detail is very kind, bless you. I’m going to ring my Mum today for our fortnightly chat, so it’s timely this story is being brought to my awareness again… ❤🙏🏼

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