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Final French flurry of fotos

12 glorious days in France has wound up, filling my heart. I was born there, in a tiny village halfway up a mountain, looking across to the snow-covered Alps, so it’s always special to celebrate an actual birthday there. I’m a very lucky woman, I know.

I spent the entire time sucking the language and culture in through my pores. I literally feel a craving I can obviously quench no other way. So I just delight in all things French, especially the local markets and food.

Cue the slideshow (except I don’t know how to do it, so a nice even-paced scrolling is now up to you):



I wish I could upload the smells.



And cheese galore, incl that end one which was as big as my entire upper body:



Plus everywhere, the passionate, poetic tumble of language that makes my soul sing.


And feel truly at Home.




  1. You are making me hungry. The jar of peanut butter and spoon sitting in between my keyboard and computer screen no longer suffice. Hunger aside, these are beautiful photographs. You know how to celebrate in elegant style.

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  2. How wonderful! I was sure I was following you but it seems I wasn’t? Very strange. I’m glad that you found me again – I have been to Périgueux. My parents took me there when I was a teenager. We were staying outside Sarlat in a small place called Les Eyzies. It was one of the best holidays. I adore the Dordogne. What a fabulous trip you have had. Happy Belated Birthday xx

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    • Thanks for pursuing me 😘
      I’ve been to all those places of course- true caveman/woman country- sometimes I wonder if our cells remember our ancestors living there? Such a special place; I’m indeed very lucky 😊
      Thank you for commenting & reading 👍🏼 gabrielle

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  3. The food looks amazing!!
    I am possibly heading to France in November. The Chunnel is on my bucket list. I may have to hit you up for suggestions on what I “must see or do”


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