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Australia has woken up covered in rainbows and glitter

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We did it! We got the YES vote for marriage equality, after a $122 million dollar waste-of-time- plebiscite which caused incredible distress to many members of the gay community, especially young folk (calls to helplines quadrupled).

Marriage Equality poster to celebrate Australia said YES

#AustraliaSaidYes #marriageequality @TurnbullMalcolm @boneAndsilver

61% Yes, 38% No. Personally, I’d like it to be 99% Yes, but all that really matters now is that it becomes law. And Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has tweeted that he will make it so by Christmas. That literally makes me cry typing that; so many Queer couples I’ve never even met will be able to fulfil their romantic dream, AND be equal in the eyes of the law.

My Facebook feed is full of smiling faces surrounded by rainbows, with tears of relief and excitement flooding down. I join them gladly; it’s an honour.

I felt so emotional all day yesterday, unexpectedly so. If I’d have lived in one of the capital cities, I’d have been out dancing to all those classic old favourite disco songs with the rest of my wonderful gay community! (Melbourne and Sydney both returned 84% Yes votes).

Love is Love indeed; I may not want to get married, but it’s a human right to be equally allowed to do so. And I’ve walked in both worlds, the straight and the Queer, so I feel like I know the relief of just being able to be your true self, and to show your love for your beloved.

Marriage Equality poster to celebrate Australia said YES

#AustraliaSaidYes #marriageequality @TurnbullMalcolm @boneAndsilver

On that note, ‘H’ arrives tomorrow for a week! Perfect timing. From the wide spaces of Australia, through the cities and regional towns, to the Arrivals gate of the Domestic airport, all we all want is to feel connected, respected, valuable, and equal.

Yesterday, Australia did just that.

And if you want to join in this feeling of delight, click this link for photos of celebrations around the country. How beautifully bright and joyous is that??

It’s Time! And we did it. HURRAY!

And I must acknowledge, with deepest respect, all the gay and lesbian activists (young and old), as well as just regular people living their gay lives, and raising their gay families, who have steadily and determinedly campaigned for equal rights, visibility, and acceptance.

From their decades of relentless, painful, and sometimes dangerous work, comes this freedom and joy. I salute you all.

In absolute gratitude for Love, GΒ 


PS: Dear WordPress, thank you for the ongoing support with the rainbow bar on blogs in Australia; please don’t take it away, it’s so pretty, love G xxx


  1. I, like many who’ve followed this from the get-go, have mixed feelings … on the one hand a HUGE HOORAY!!! πŸ˜€ the majority of Aussies actually do want equality. We kinda knew that already … and on the other hand, what a f**king waste of time, money, and resources, not to mention giving extremists an open invitation to spew their hatred, which, as the Orange Cheeto has shown in the US, can’t be put back in the bottle.

    I hope Turnbull keeps his word … silly me … he’s a politician, of course he will. At the very least he now has a mandate from the people to back him up. A ‘non-binding’ mandate, but perhaps enough to twitch the dangly bits of anyone who’s in a seat that could come under threat if they don’t support the bill.

    May the momentum ever be in your favour. πŸ˜€

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    • I’m impressed Widds that you are so in tune with the majority of sentiments over here- such a shitty expensive political fiasco- but I truly reckon if he doesn’t make it law ASAP, us rainbow folk will riot!

      I love knowing our community spreads so far and wide; blessings, G xO ❀🌈

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  2. gigglingfattie says

    WOOOOO to the HOOOO!!!! I’m so happy for you, even more so since we’re practically family! (Britain is the parent, Australia and Canada children, yes?) This is so amazing! I hope you and H have a great time celebrating!

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    • Yeah, it’s a pretty high amount of No… but I just feel sorry for their ignorance & smallness of heart. They’re missing out on so much love and joy, it’s really their own punishment somehow. Thanks for commenting & caring ❀🌈

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  3. I’m so delighted to hear this news. I’m straight but firmly believe there is not enough love in the world and that nobody has the right to dictate who a person can choose to spend their life with.

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    • Oh yes Jad; that is a country-wide sentiment I assure you. But it is a liberating feeling that’s for sure, and the economy is going to go crazy with all the gay weddings!

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  4. May I add my congratulations for this wonderful outcome. It is fantastic, great result.

    I understand your very valid frustrations with the fact that you all had to go through this process. But, having proof that your country supports your gay and lesbian lifestyle is kind of cool. At least that’s how I felt about it when the results came in here in Ireland.
    I was part of the campaign in a rural county of Ireland. One of the women who campaigned with us was a very traditional appearing sixty-something. Let’s call her Madge. In her own worlds, she said, ‘this is for my son’. He had fled to England having been beaten up once too often in his home-town of Castlebar. Every leaflet she put through a door, was for him.
    On the last day, we all gathered in the town square, waving rainbow flags, urging people to vote. Madge appeared with her son beside her.. Someone put a flag in his hand and he held that thing high. He had come home to vote, like many others. The next day he was in the count centre with the rest of us to see the historic result come in. Castlebar voted Yes. Very few words, lots of tears.

    It’s just one perspective.

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    • Jean, this comment just had me in floods of tears, sitting up in bed in Australia, drinking tea with my Beloved. I’m so glad ‘Madge’ got to experience such a healing action, & that her son got to feel it too. How absolutely amazing. I’m still typing this with tears rolling down my cheeks; I’m so grateful for brave, determined activists like you, and for the evolution of society in the direction of Love β€πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸ™πŸΌ
      Your words are so rich, thank you for sharing them with my readers and I xO

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    • So so good, I can barely believe how relieved so many people are. If Ireland can do it, surely we can do it (it’s not legislated yet mind…)
      Thanks for your support and comment, G

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  5. So nice to meet you G! And yes, the Yes vote made me so proud to be an Aussie. I’m even prouder to be an Aussie from Melbourne! lol it’s okay, no Sydney-bashing today.
    -huge hugs-

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    • Thank you for commenting Orville; I agree with you so much. Love is Love indeed, and goodness knows we need it so much right now. Blessings, G


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