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Prepare to lie. Prepare to buy. Prepare to die. Part Two

This seems like a timely re-blog re Black Friday shopping madness. 15,000 scientists just begged humanity to change course, for the sake of the environment we LIVE IN; we gotta make changes!


We donโ€™t celebrate Thanksgiving (yet) in Australia, nor do we have Black Friday. In 2016, more than 154 million Americans shopped either online or in store, according to a National Retail federation survey from CNN, Nov 27. They spent $1.9 billion online on Thanksgiving Day and another $3.3 billion on Friday, according to Adobe. In 2014, total spending for the 4-day Thanksgiving/Black Friday holiday weekend was over $50 billion.

In 1994, I travelled through Indonesia with a flatmate from Sydney. We went to Sumatra, way off the beaten track then, and got terrible โ€˜Bali bellyโ€™ the day after we landed. It was the morning of an all-day bus ride up the island, and my period arrived too. So there I was, losing all my bodily fluids explosively from all holes, sitting on a crammed bus where we were the only white faces, driving further and further off into the unknownโ€ฆ

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  1. I’m with you there, as someone who avoids shopping whenever possible. Rampant consumerism is not healthy for anyone! Interestingly, as I was listening to the radio on my way to my office, I heard that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is becoming a big thing in Germany, which doesn’t celebrate American Thanksgiving (for rather obvious reasons). But nearly 20% percent of Germans do some special shopping on these dates.

    strange, very strange.

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    • Oh no, it’s spreading like a cancer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      And we can only afford all our consumerism because we take so many resources (including basic fresh water) from so many millions of less fortunate people. It’s a strange nightmare indeed


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