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Freaky Friday: Why did I just mow the lawn with a backpack on?

Walking up hills and mowing lawns in preparation for a hike, wearing a 50-litre backpack

Walking and then lawn mowing with a backpack on #training #cardiofit #over50 #wellbeing #determined @boneAndsilver

I think my neighbours are used to me doing slightly weird things (like walking on stilts around the garden, or dancing like a mad woman with earphones in so no one else can hear the music).

Yesterday was probably my peak though: I mowed all my lawns while wearing a 50-litre, approx 5kg loaded backpack.

Why? Because I’m going on a 4-day hike in Tasmania, and I need to get fitter and stronger ASAP.

Admittedly, the bag was only half-loaded, but I still think I deserve a 10/10 for effort, yes? Hit that Like button!

We fly to Hobart on Saturday, then begin the walk on Sunday afternoon– here’s the link to the Three Capes Track if you’re curious. My beloved friend ‘G49’ turns 50 when we finish, and is a huge fan of bush hiking, so 3 valiant friends are going along with her.

We have to carry everything except a tent (hurray), and sleep in fancy-ish huts at night (no hot showers or fridges, but nice mattresses and views apparently).

I can do that. I can do that for 4 days/3 nights. I can do that for her.

The 3Tracks website is so detailed and informative; apparently our bags should weigh maximum of 12kg. I’m going to officially weigh mine tomorrow fully packed, but I think I’m up at about 15… *grimaces and whimpers slightly.

I may have to do a clothes cull. But I’m not culling food and treats! No way JosΓ©. I actually got completely inspired this week, and borrowed a friend’s fancy dehydrator to prepare all my own meals. Another 10/10 for effort methinks? And that’s a whole other post, because I took lots of photos of the processes.

Right, gotta go march up and down the only hill in town, to build up these weight-carrying thigh muscles- remember when I did the same hill training for the climb up our local mountain? SO MUCH HARDER with a loaded backpack… *grimaces and whimpers slightly again.

In gratitude for strong legs and a stubborn mind, G xO



  1. I indeed hit the like button because it sounds fab to me. I’m also extremely envious. My wanderlust is going into overdrive right now and I’m keeping quiet about it here (mostly) because NOBODY gets me. I think you would get me, which is why I’m dicking all over your blog. My feet are literally itching!! I’ve seen some adverts lately about Tasmania, which is such a coincidence, and I was thinking how fabulous it looks. I’ll be really interested to see your pics (the ones I’m assuming you’ll post..?). I wait in anticipation. Will go and click on that link now.

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    • Awesome… how beautiful does it look? And super fresh air too 😊
      I’ll be taking lots of photos yes, but no wifi till I get back, so you’ll have to sit around scratching your itchy feet & just wait 😘❀


  2. Definitely 10/10! Wow, I’m so impressed! I love the idea of a trip like that, though I doubt I’m in sufficiently good shape to manage it. I can imagine there will be wonderful conversations, as well as long spells of quiet. Plenty of sweat and effort, along with a sense of satisfaction and joy. That’s what I’m wishing for you, at least! Looking forward to photos. Be well and have a great time.

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  3. Hehehe have fun looking forward to your survival tale 😊 My hiking days are over. Used to do lots of those with the boys when I was in the Scouts. Now I prefer my luxuries like a nice mattress , nice shower and yummy food .

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