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Teenage Tuesday: The last one ever with ’17’

This son of mine is funny, strong-minded, sensitive, and kind. He can also be messy, selfish, a bit lazy, and quite stubborn; a fairly normal teenager. We’ve had a good time with him here, haven’t we, laughing at his contributions to bone&silver?

But it’s all going to change on the weekend.

I was so content being pregnant, full of health and wellbeing

Like a lamb to the slaughter #innocent #pregnant #firsttime #australia @boneAndsilver

For this was me, a lifetime ago, standing on the edge of changes I had zero idea about, despite the weekly pregnancy group meetings, and various well-thumbed books.

I went past my due date by more than two weeks, which stressed out both my midwives, but then I had my baby at home on the back verandah as planned, with no interventions or pain relief. As long as I was up and walking, labour wasn’t too painful… just long.

Very long.

Long as in “Started-On-Wednesday-Morning-Came-Out-Friday-Morning-Long”.

Anyway, I made it. We made it. Born at 5am, on a clear frosty Winter’s morning, after his Mum had walked round and round the garden wrapped in a quilt for hours.

Resting in bed with my new baby, tired but so happy

Best place in the world #newborn #mum #baby #grateful #love

And now this weekend, he’s passing from 17 to 18, which is a massive milestone! No doubt I’ll write more about it, but I just wanted to acknowledge that this is the last possible Teenage Tuesday with ’17’ in it.

So I’m going to document his response today, as I made the innocent mistake of sharing some new information:

Me: I just found out a friend of mine makes her son a cooked breakfast every morning.

Him *without raising his eyes from his muesli bowl or missing a beat*: Yes, you really need to step it up a level Mum.

In gratitude for my wonderful baby boy, who will always be my baby, G xO 



    • No mean feat indeed, and I must credit his awesome Dad and step Mum for doing more than 50% of the work 🙏🏼
      But yes, he’s a funny devil (I’m happy to claim that gene 😘)

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  1. Ha, that sounds exactly like something my son would say. Happy birthday to your son, and congratulations Mum for raising a wonderful young man.

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    • I’m glad that made you laugh 😊
      Thanks Q, & yes, it feels great to know I did a good job so far- with incredible input from his awesome Dad & stepmom too of course- it does take a village to raise a child 🙏🏼❤

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