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So the year has ticked over. And I must confess: it was the first New Year’s Eve celebration I ever slept through. Is that it? Am I officially ‘getting old’? Is it now a downhill slide, from choosing to be asleep in my comfy bed more than any wild partying offers?

To redeem myself, I got up at 5, and drove to the most Easterly point of Australia, in Byron Bay. Specifically, to the lighthouse on that point. There was a steady stream of cars and people heading the same way, yet the Parking Fairy graced me with a miracle ‘rock star’ spot for my car just in time, so that I could slip onto the blanket my friends had saved for me at 5.25, ready for the 5.30 ceremony.

There was crystal bowl sounding, chanting, and a meditation for global peace. Baskets of crystals offered everyone the chance to hold a piece of tangible focus for our intentions for 2016:


Jan 1 2016

As the first rays of the sun sang out, we were singing over and over ‘May all beings be at peace’. It was beautiful, and heart-swelling.

I set three intentions for myself for 2016: To be more Vulnerable, to be Brave, and to be Peaceful (I’m fine with my weight/fitness/lack of smoking or drinking etc); I’ve always leant towards more emotive resolutions.

With those 3 motivations, I think I will have to change this Blog a little. It’s unexpected, and challenging, but easy too: I seem to be falling in love with someone. Who embodies and inspires these 3 qualities in me. Which isn’t easy, cos I’m stubborn, and independent, with a low threshold for boredom! But it seems to be the Universe’s wish.

I will write more as it unfolds…

How was your New Year’s Eve? And how are you going on your resolutions for 2016?

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