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Watching her cry from across the world

In bed, snuggled with cat, computer, and early morning cuppa. Click link on generic Facebook newsfeed. Suddenly watching a grief-stricken Mum, mourning her lost daughter after the bomb blast in Manchester. See her blotched red face, and the grey roots of her dull brown hair. Notice her own mother sitting beside her, and perhaps that’s her son, sitting on the floor at her feet, holding her hand with his head bowed? See her swollen eyes and running nose, thickening her voice, wailing for her lost baby. And as my own tears fall softly, think:

‘This is the true good of social media; we can share our vulnerabilities and losses. Her life has just been fucking ruined, and she’s sharing a miniscule amount of her pain on this day with us. She’s held in this nightmare by her family who love her, and she’s not alone. Thank god she’s not alone.’

We are all in mourning, all across the world, all the time: for our lost family members or friends, our beloved dead pets, our forgotten dreams. For the departing freshness of the ocean, or chopped cool of the forest. For Peace, for Hope, for Equality, for Love.

We are not alone. We are never alone. And to reveal, share, touch, and unite is the only way through this, to the End.




    • Thank you. Yes, I don’t really have any more words either after such a tragedy, but felt compelled to honour this poor Mum’s pain somehow (while knowing that of course women all round the world weep every day without it being documented) ❤
      Thanks for commenting 🙏🏼

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  1. I know when I saw the TV reports of the mother who was waiting for news of her daughter and I read the next day the daughter had been one of the victims I cried. While there was no news there was always hope.

    If only they would reintroduce the death penalty in the UK for convicted terrorists, I know it won’t deter the radical element but at least those who don’t manage to blow themselves up the taxpayer would not be responsible for the bastards board and lodgings.

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