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Walking with son ’17’ when suddenly…

… he drapes his arm across my shoulder. He’s never done that before. I put my arm round his waist, but it feels awkward, so I let it drop. We move apart a little, and walk on. We sit in silence on the rocks watching a dolphin pod swim in lazy circles while the sky fades orange, pink, baby blue, dark blue.


As we walk back towards the car, he does it again. This time, my arm round his waist feels comfortable. We walk and talk, arm in arm, 17 & 51, as night falls.


Best. Homecoming. Ever.



  1. As you say, it IS important to let them set their pace, showing them respect. Occasionally, when sensing that the moment feels right, give a loving hug to them. And then….the times come again, when they initiate those tender moments. And yeah, do those ever feel GREAT! ❀

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  3. Oh I’m so glad it happened again so that you two could move forward in companionship. Sometimes I grab my daughter arm and we walk side by side attatched . I told her once that in Italy -it wasn’t viewed as weird. That men and men and women and women could walk together and it was fine.. My mom used to say that most folks are touch deprived and i think it’s true . We are always worried about what others will think but in reality -this is your kid and he’s doing something he probably did when he was younger. Pretty soon he’ll move away and you will always remember this moment with fondness. What a sweet moment.

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    • Absolutely! Thank you so much for reading & commenting; I know touch varies so much between different cultures, esp between men & men; he always was an affectionate boy, just as I’m an affectionate Mum, but becoming a teenager definitely brought new rules… I hope he’s back hugging for good 😊

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