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Walking with son ’17’ when suddenly…

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… he drapes his arm across my shoulder. He’s never done that before. I put my arm round his waist, but it feels awkward, so I let it drop. We move apart a little, and walk on. We sit in silence on the rocks watching a dolphin pod swim in lazy circles while the sky fades orange, pink, baby blue, dark blue.

bone&silver sunset 1

Sunset over Brunswick Heads beach #sunset #beach #Australia

As we walk back towards the car, he does it again. This time, my arm round his waist feels comfortable. We walk and talk, arm in arm, 17 & 51, as night falls.

bone&silver sunset2

Sunsetting over #beach #Brunswick Heads


Best. Homecoming. Ever.



  1. Michelle Cole says

    Mine is 15, and she suddenly started giving me hugs again when I had my back surgery in March. She is still doing this several times a week. I feel so lucky.

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  2. As you say, it IS important to let them set their pace, showing them respect. Occasionally, when sensing that the moment feels right, give a loving hug to them. And then….the times come again, when they initiate those tender moments. And yeah, do those ever feel GREAT! ❀

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  4. Oh I’m so glad it happened again so that you two could move forward in companionship. Sometimes I grab my daughter arm and we walk side by side attatched . I told her once that in Italy -it wasn’t viewed as weird. That men and men and women and women could walk together and it was fine.. My mom used to say that most folks are touch deprived and i think it’s true . We are always worried about what others will think but in reality -this is your kid and he’s doing something he probably did when he was younger. Pretty soon he’ll move away and you will always remember this moment with fondness. What a sweet moment.

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    • Absolutely! Thank you so much for reading & commenting; I know touch varies so much between different cultures, esp between men & men; he always was an affectionate boy, just as I’m an affectionate Mum, but becoming a teenager definitely brought new rules… I hope he’s back hugging for good 😊

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