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Long distance relationships Part 2: ‘Am I in a catapult?’

The thread between us HERE Part 1 regularly stretches 1600kms. Then it reached 17,000kms while I went to France and the UK. It spiralled in and relaxed on itself while we curled together in my home & wooden bed; now our 5-day date is over, and the 1600kms are back. Plus an extra 1000 as I’ve been flown up to tropical Cairns to walk on stilts for a weekend festival.

Actual sign from my morning walk

I’m feeling a bit wobbly from all the movement, all the to-ing and fro-ing. From all the fantasizing about the next long date to come (late Sept), and various future possibilities we’re both curious about (“One of my best friends lives a couple of hours drive away from you- perhaps I could spend 6 months staying there/Maybe we could both move to the same city next year, or the year after…”)?

Being in love is delicious, intoxicating, and addictive! Hearts swell like the cherry tomatoes in my garden; minds expand; souls dance. Energies entwine like pumpkin vines, sprouting determinedly wherever they can, winding themselves tightly.


How can we not be changed by Love? Aren’t we seeking self-knowledge, exchange and growth?

Isn’t that the whole point??

What do you think?Β 

Yet where am I in all this? Am I losing my old familiar centre?

Yes. Which mostly is a really good thing. But sometimes it feels too fast, too big, or just a bit scary. A little piece of me wants to sit still, holding her teddy bear, and let all the threads and vines drop to rest for a moment.

I need to spend some time with that small Me, catapult-free, and report back…



  1. Gabrielle, I so appreciate this post. What you wrote here sounds so good to me & very smart! “I need to spend some time with that small Me, catapult-free, and report back…”

    You have so much wisdom inside of you. And wow, I really relate to your experience. I had a long-distance relationship that opened my heart in so many ways. ❀ ❀ Sending you loving on your experience. You are great!!!


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  2. I found that the ‘highs’ felt higher and the ‘lows’ felt lower in a long distance relationship than when we had daily access to each other. Time out for self-care also seemed much more necessary too. πŸ™‚

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  3. Heart warming post. I don’t have a long distance relationship, but it was fun to read your feelings. I haven’t dated in a while, but I smiled at the feelings we have when dating. Enjoy every moment.

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