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Spectacular self care fail

Over 50 and still ready to dance the night away #positiveageing #over50

Over 50 and still ready to dance the night away #positiveageing #over50 #Australia @boneAndsilver

Remember that blogging expert I had a meeting with a while back? Gave me all those tips and hints HERE? She also suggested I use lots of hashtags around ‘self care’ and ‘positive ageing’, as I’m over 50, and that is apparently the current trend I need to ride.

I can do that. I’m definitely a health-orientated person, becoming a vegetarian at 21, and jumping on and off that wagon over the years. As most of you know, I dance, do Pilates, walk, don’t really drink, and love a good night’s sleep more than anything.

(Side note: Years ago, in a flash of inspiration, I asked my then-six year old son to describe me in a few words, as I was planning to use them for my first online dating profile on OkCupid… “Health food Drama Queen”Β didn’t sound as good as I hoped though).

Anyway, I’ve relaxed a bit in my old age, and after the stressful challenge of learning all those lines for our show a fortnight ago HERE, but having nailed it HERE, I decided to let my hair down at a local outdoor dance party last weekend… which is very sensibly aimed at the over 40s now, so goes from 2pm-9pm on a Sunday.

I wore my favourite jumpsuit, and flat shoes for dancing.

I prepared myself with carbs for lunch, then a big nana nap.

I arrived as the sting left the sun, about 5pm, and bumped into friendly faces straight away; before I knew it, I was dancing gloriously to irresistible tunes.

Which just kept coming and coming!

I had several dance buddies, most of us over 50, and somehow ended up bopping around on a long wooden table, concreted into the ground. I was there for a while, then decided I should share the glory, so hopped down onto the equally-long-but-not-quite-as-wide-bench beside it.

My mistake. I should have stayed on the table. I slipped off the bench, executing a fancy triple turn Γ  la Michael Jackson [in my fevered mind], and corked my thigh on the edge of the afore-mentioned incredibly solid table.

Close up of thigh bruise from dancing on a table #selfcare #over50 #positiveageing #fail

Close up of thigh bruise from dancing on a table in Australia at an outdoor party #selfcare #over50 #positiveageing #fail @boneAndsilver

What could I do? The show must go on. So I got back on the bench and kept dancing…

Then watched this unfold as the week went on.

I gotta admit: I was kind of proud of myself though. I documented it for various unbelieving friends interstate, and ’17’, who begrudgingly admired it. Did you know there’s actually a hashtag on Instagram called #felloffatable? You’ll now see my pics there.

I kept thinking I would stop, but it became the highlight of my morning (life in a small country town in Australia hey?).

Finally, I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you all too. You’re welcome, and it was SO worth it; I danced non-stop till the final track, going home a very happy, tired party girl.

Close up of thigh bruise from dancing on a table in Australia at an outdoor party #selfcare #over50 #positiveageing #fail

Close up of thigh bruise Day 3-7 from dancing on a table in Australia at an outdoor party #selfcare #over50 #positiveageing #fail @boneAndsilver

What about you? How have you injured yourself in the name of having a good time? Do tell!

In gratitude for super fun ‘self care’ fails, G xOΒ 


  1. I’ve got a new hashtag for you! #greatlegs !

    I love your blog most when you share authentically all the love and challenge and joy and struggle and triumph and enjoyment and zest of your life! It’s that authenticity I relish and return for! #TrueSelf πŸ™‚

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    • Oh no, you must have been going hard girl! 3 months is a big price to pay; you must have had a GREAT time, that’s awesome to hear. Thanks for sharing : )


  2. Ow!!

    I spent a high school summer working at a periodical warehouse in Philadelphia. This was in the days before nearly everything was available on the Internet; if you wanted, say, a February 1976 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, you either needed to go to a particular library–or purchase a copy from the likes of G. H. Arrow Periodical Warehouse.

    Most of the periodicals I helped to catalog (literally using 5×8 index cards) and shelve were fairly banal.

    But then there were the medical journals.

    And the most notorious (by which I mean *disgusting*) was Cutis, a journal devoted to skin diseases.

    Your bruise looks painful (and could lead to an enlightening discussion about the relationship between “means” and “ends”), but compared to some of the nauseating technicolor photographs on the Cutis covers, it is a Matisse painting. πŸ™‚

    Two quick stories:

    1. August 1974. Atlantic City, NJ. My father and I are spending an afternoon riding on his friend’s speedboat. A larger boat zips by, traveling way too fast for a narrow inlet. The wake rocks the speedboat my father and I are enjoying. I lose my balance, and my face whacks against the side of the boat. Something sharp JUST misses piercing my right eye. 16 stitches later…

    2. April 1990. Island Pond, VT. My then-girlfriend and I are playing “baseball.” I throw her a pitch. She hits a line drive into the the lower part of my face. I lose no teeth, fortunately, but I could not throw a strike for months (years?) after that.

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  3. Thats a great badge of Fun!!
    Maybe not injured myself, but have gotten some pretty epic holes in the knees of my jeans from jumping and landing less than gracefully. πŸ˜ƒ

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  4. gigglingfattie says

    Aww you look so cute in your jumpsuit! Slay!!

    But dang that bruise!! 😨😨 I hope it heals quickly!! I found 2 new ones over the weekend from work. Both I know what I did to make them…rarely do I know where they come from hehe

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    • How cool is the jumpsuit T?? I gotta agree with ya! $5 from an op shop, original 1970s, fits me perfectly : )

      The bruise looks pretty bad still I must admit; lots of pink and red in it now, and still hurts to lie on my side on it. But as another reader commented: “what a badge of fun”. xOO G

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    • Thanks WakingUp- really, on the scale of injuries, it’s pretty small, I think I’m just enjoying the brag for being such a party animal! ; )

      And it’s true you know- some people are more ‘spatially challenged’ than others, but of course make up for it in other awesome areas xO


  5. #author #atwood loves your post today!
    #selfcare #over50 #positiveageing #fail @boneAndsilver, I can relate.
    (When someone hollers, “Break a leg,” you needn’t do so, really.)
    I remember dancing through the night. Wow. (Now I do it with arthritis therapy in a pool).
    Getting up there: I turn 69 next month. Used my body hard.
    …Ah, but life as an artist and a dancer and a pioneer and an author and a scat singer; a bonafide aesthetic expressionist and vessel from the unknown… Well, it has been fun.
    Now that I work all day on a fainting couch with a computer and a cat on my lap, I think one could say that I have officially become a couch potato. Apparently I am two inches shorter, and the body is creaking. #selfcare #over50 #positiveageing #wisdom
    I think I’d better get moving again. #atwood
    Again, I loved your post today.

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    • Hey thanks Atwood- I didn’t know you were such a wild party person : )
      Go YOU! I love knowing I’ve got older role models to follow… and can inspire the young ones too ; ) Thanks for the positive feedback : )

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  6. Rachel McAlpine says

    I love bruises. They are so pretty and show-offy. My story: broke my wrist when learning to rollerblade at 55. I learn that “being hurled” is a more accurate term than “falling” when you’re on wheels. Better than breaking it in the shower, I reckon. All good now.

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    • Now that’s a great story, thanks Rachel! You know, rollerblading must be very dangerous: you’re the 3rd person I now heard of breaking their wrist as they were learning; an old friend of mine wore his hire blades out of the shop, fell over, & snapped his wrist immediately πŸ˜–βš‘οΈ

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  7. I fractured a toe once performing β€˜party yoga’ (showing off yoga poses on the dance floor). Not advisable since it took 6 weeks before I was back on the dance floor. Never again will I attempt a half moon under the mirror ball. I’m sure it only looked impressive for about 3seconds! X

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    • Haha, that’s a bit funny, thank you for sharing πŸ˜ƒ
      I used to sometimes do circus acro at parties with a good base partner; luckily I never came to mishap, but yes, a slippery dance floor is not the place to do that kind of stuff. Nor a table really… but it WAS fun. Thank you for your comment, G 😊


  8. Ouch but it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Good! Delighted for you πŸ˜€
    I did once dislocate my jaw whilst yawning after a lot of drinks at a party. Then the hospital had to inject me with muscle relaxants to get it back in. Alcohol and muscle relaxants make an interesting combination. Jellyfish come to mind.

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  9. Oh my goodness, you wore the battle marks proudly and I’m glad you are ok. You know in the end it will be a memory you will never forget and it takes those crazy kind of moments and the wild choices we make to stand out in our journey. Glad you had an awesome time. Hugs

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  10. Ooo that’s a corker! I wish we had dance parties like that here, sounds brilliant! My most recent injuries include a pinched nerve in my bottom from joining a rowing team in the summer and now lately tennis elbow from using my new over-sized smart phone. I need to work out more.

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    • Lol! Those big smartphones hey? πŸ˜‘
      Sorry to laugh; tennis elbow does suck- have you tried acupuncture?
      And yes, outdoor dance parties as the sun sets are THE BEST πŸ’ƒπŸ»β€πŸ•ΊπŸ»

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      • It’s a lot better now thanks πŸ™‚ just had to build up resilience! And not use it so much too. I was terribly excited when I first got it, the camera is fab and I love all the apps, I’m a bit of a social media junkie now and I used to be scornful of ‘those people’. I blame the blogging πŸ˜€

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  11. Trace-Blogs says

    After a few too many vinos I thought I could do the lift from Dirty Dancing and unfortunately also thought my dance partner was exactly like Patrick Swayze…ended up getting a CT scan of my head. I look back now and laugh but at the time it did not tickle. Glad you’re healing and nice work! X

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    • Lol, sorry, that did make me laugh out loud- such an iconic image- good on you for giving it a go, but it’s waaaaaaaaay harder than it looks hey? Thanks for reading & commenting, G : )


  12. Don’t know if this counts as it’s a childhood story, but I would totally make the same decision now at my age. Because it’s all about priorities. Insisted on wearing a long dress one hot Sunday that I’d worn to a school disco the day before (this was the 70s πŸ˜‰ ). Went out to the ice-cream van. Ran back carrying my ice-cream, tripped over my long dress, determined to hang onto my cone, wouldn’t put my hands out to stop myself falling and ended up with stitches in my knee. But I saved that ice-cream!

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