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In celebration in Australia: I passed 2 young girls leaving the beach…

… Perhaps they were sisters, cousins, or just neighbourhood friends? Both blonde, only 6 or 7, dripping wet from the warm summer sea, wrapped in large striped towels, with matching bangles and pink toe nail polish.

They walked side by side, earnestly discussing the merits of using the cold water outdoor shower to wash sand off their feet, so I moved over to let them pass on the narrow track.

Sunset smiling for #marriageequality #Australia @boneAndsilver

Sunset smiling for #marriageequality #Australia @boneAndsilver

They barely acknowledged me; too full of the adventure of a sunset swim, and being big enough to go to the beach by themselves.

I wondered what I looked like to them?

‘Old’ for sure, with my silver hair. Perhaps trustworthy? People often say I have a kind face and eyes.

I watched them giggle and gaggle off the sandy path, then turned up my music, so it blasted through my headphones.

For just before 6pm on Thursday 7th December, the Australian Parliament finally passed our marriage equality laws, and I had to dance.

Not for me; I’ve never wanted to get married, to man or woman.

Not for all the same-sex couples I know, some of whom have been together for over two or three decades, and some of whom definitely never want to get married.

Marriage Equality poster to celebrate Australia said YES

#AustraliaSaidYes #marriageequality @MagdaSzubanski @boneAndsilver

Not for all the incredible grassroots warriors, who tirelessly campaigned for this human rights victory, stretching back to when homosexual sex was first decriminalised in South Australia in 1976, in 1990 in Queensland, and finally in Tasmania in 1997. That’sΒ 1997,Β folks.

Not even for those who died along the way, may they rest in peace and love.

I wanted to dance for the future of those two little girls: one or both of them could turn out to be gay, and she now has as much right, power, and opportunity to do exactly what a straight little girl could do, after falling in love, and finding her life partner.

What a wonderfully liberating, egalitarian, and even romantic world to be growing up into.

We can get back to dealing with the gender pay gap and general misogyny tomorrow (see previous one-word post HERE on that subject), but for now, I gotta get my groove on!

In gratitude for the dance of Equal Love, G xOΒ 


    • That song makes me tear up every time. Such good words. And it IS a life-changing realization, that you may be gay, or just ‘differently-attracted’, & I love the freedom that this marriage law offers the young folk now: fantastic. Thanks for reading & caring πŸ™πŸΌβ€

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      • I saw a really touching video from the celebration when the bill passed in the Parliament. Once again congrats to Australia🌈 Future is a bit brighter for the kids when equal rights are secured✨

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        • Oh I’m glad you saw that video, it moved a lot of us to tears. Many many people have worked really hard to make it happen, and I am just so grateful for the social evolution ❀


  1. I live in the states, but was so happy to hear how the Australian vote went! I hope the day comes when people are allowed to express their true selves in every country, without fear or worry.

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    • Absolutely yes- imagine what a wonderfully accepting & loving world that will be πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌ. Thank you for getting excited with all of us Aussies πŸŽ‰πŸŒˆ

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    • Thanks Jad; yes, it really struck me hard how different things can be now, having known so many people who struggled and suffered with admitting their queer sexuality as they grew up. xO

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  2. Wow this is great!! I really appreciate your support of the freedom to choose for these girls. ❀ And I bet you looked LOVELY to them.

    I'll be on a spiritual retreat at a gorgeous place in CA for two weeks, so I'll be off blogging for a bit. Please feel free to contribute to #ForgivingFridays again if you want to & I can share it when I return! In the meantime, Gabrielle, I'm sending you big smiles & lots of blessings,

    ps – I love that picture of you ❀

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    • Thanks Rhapsody; the after effects of delight are still lingering, & yes, isn’t it a fabulous song & video? As a side note, one of our conservative & dumb politicians tried to get Macklemore (the singer) prevented from singing the song in Australia 😑

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