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I’m back, Happy New Year, and let’s make a skeleton for this blog

Happy New Year from the Neon Garden #HNY2018 #celebration #tropicalfruits @boneAndsilver

Happy New Year from the Neon Garden #HNY2018 #celebration #tropicalfruits @boneAndsilver

Hello Beloved Readers, and Happy 2018! I’ve missed you, but it was wonderful to give myself permission to unplug, letting the blog world responsibilities slide for a few days…

And now I’m tip-toeing back, with a relaxed smile on my face.

For I’ve survived another Christmas season. Every year I feel my anxiety start to climb mid-December, then welcome a huge sense of relief once the actual day is done. I think it’s inherited; somewhere there’s a classic family photo from the 80’s of 3 generations of us, opening presents on a dull English Xmas morning, while literally everyone looks grumpy.

I was very Australian on Dec 25: I went to the beach, slathered in sunscreen, and swam in crystal aqua water. My 2 friends and I sat in shade under trees, pledging to continue dismantling Capitalism & Patriarchy in 2018, then went home to siesta, because it’s so exhausting.

Sweaty but grateful for my performing life on stilts over 50 in Australia at Woodford Folk Festival

The performing life is not always glamorous: here I am in 2016 in 40 degree heat (104F), getting ready to go back up on stilts on gravel on hills (double nightmare) #performinglife #challenges #over50 #crazybutgrateful @boneAndsilver

New Year’s Eve was way more fun, mostly because I had my first one off for YEARS. Usually I’m on stilts somewhere, adding to the atmosphere, and staying in ‘work mode’ as we negotiate nightmare parking, heavy, sweaty costumes, and drunken crowds.

This year though, I was a ‘normal’ person. I relaxed during the day, had my requisite nana nap, and drove to a friend’s house to get ready. Crackers with dips, funky music, girly giggles- such novelty for me. Then I went to a big Queer and fabulous dance party, danced like a demon in my cute dress, gazed in delight at the midnight fireworks, yet was tucked up in bed by 2am.

A perfect end to a surprising year, and an auspicious way to welcome in the new one I hope.

Have you made any resolutions? I’ve made two important ones:

  1. Get my heart cardio fit- more regular dancing, more fast beach walks, more hill climbs
  2. Get my blog cardio fit- insert some kind of skeleton of topics and posting schedules, so that readers get what they want, when they want it (& skip guilt-free over the subjects they’re not that interested in)

I’m gonna try this system for the next 6 months, then we’ll review it OK? 

  • ‘Me Mondays’: personal posts/online dating/romance/relationships
  • ‘Teenager Tuesdays’: those micro, humorous true tales of my terrific teenage son and his unique view
  • ‘World Wednesdays’: social commentary/politics/a response to a global situation or event
  • ‘Random or Reblog Thursdays’: either something unexpected that cropped up, or a re-blog from one of the many wonderful writers I follow, and feel moved to share with you all
  • ‘Fiction Friday’– serialised short stories I’ve written in the past, no more than 500 words, or new pieces I’m working on
  • WEEKENDS OFF- real life, away from screens and social media

bone&silver (26)

I hope I don’t sound too organised? I do reserve the right to drop all that entirely of course, if something dramatic happens, or if I start to feel too constrained or stressed by it. I’m experimenting with both discipline and play, to see if they can flourish together. Although if I get too many gigs as a Cloud for example, or being Red again in our kids’ show, I may just let it all float away…

But for now, here we go into bone&silver2018– and I’m so happy to have you all along for the ride.

In gratitude for the companionship, G xO 


  1. This sounds interesting! I really like the outline you’ve made for yourself. It seems organized, but not too much so because your categories are large. Hope it goes well! Good for you on surviving another holiday season!

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  2. I really like the goal to be fit for dancing and fun, since it helps everything and the best part is you get there by dancing and having fun! Good luck with it all.

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  3. Happy New Year, Gabrielle! Sounds like a great plan for the blog, excited to follow and see how it works out! And it’s so important to schedule some time off the screen to just live and be, so I wish you the best of weekends!

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  4. A fabulous photo, Dahling! I can envision you swirling about with your oversized hat, and I wish I could be so cool.
    With remorse, I–also–feel the need to must cut back on my social media exposure. My own life simply MUST be simplified, or I fear I shall implode. I do plan to catch your “teenage testament” blogs on Tuesdays, but will skip the politics and dating posts. Also will try to take Saturday mornings to read your fiction pieces . . . What genre do you favor? I am not a sci-fi or romance girl. Not even sure that I like fiction all that much. I do like poetry and works that inspire loveliness. Enough about me. Do keep well (and keep off the tables!) in this brand new revolution of the sun (which, by the way, you folks down under seem to have gotten backwards) and think good thoughts.

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    • Haha, thanks Atwood! Yes, simplification seems imperative at the moment, on many levels… and I’m glad my new ‘system’ will help you avoid what you don’t want 👍🏼

      My fiction style? Great question- definitely realism- I’m actually posting one tomorrow so you’ll be able to check it 🙏🏼❤
      Happy New Year to you xO G

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  5. Happy New Year!

    I had not planned to do so, but I seem to be taking a hiatus from my blog. Life not so much imitating art as interfering with it.

    And I need to stop calling it a “blog,” because that is not really what it is. It is more of a “weekly repository of esoteric short articles, or WRESA.

    No, that is a terrible name. I will stick with “blog,” for now, thank you very much.

    What was the question, again?

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    • Incredibly expensive material my boss flew in from France and then had sewn by a very talented dressmaker- there’s actually 2 other Clouds as well: Storm and Summer (I’m Sunset)

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  6. Coyote from Orion says

    Thanks for having me along. Looking forward to reading more. Also looking forward to writing more.
    Keep inspiring.

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  7. Coyote from Orion says

    Hope you’re both going well tonight. Spontaneity is as good as a well worn routine. Early start for me in the morning.
    Bless you both 😙😇

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  8. Gabrielle, welcome back!! Happy New Year to you …. sounds like you had a great holiday (I smiled at your Christmas description).

    I am sending so many blessings of Light and love for your resolutions, and for your blog this coming you. I think you’re awesome. Grateful to know you!

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  9. I love your skeleton. What a great idea….what hooked me too is the teenage Tuesday. My oldest will step into that, um, shall we say phenomenon in March and I’m already wondering now, with two tweens, if they are experiencing some form of brain damage. 🙃. (just kidding!)….but I am also inching toward 50 so another very good reason to come over here and read you.

    Happy New year! Glad I stumbled on your blog.


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    • Hi Claudette, thank you so much for finding me & commenting 😃👍🏼
      I’m glad the Teenage posts appeal; if you’re really keen you could do a search for ‘teenager’ posts- there’s been a few now- he’s a pretty funny fella- what can I advise you with though? Take deep breaths when they’re being mean/moody/ridiculously self-centered! It too shall pass 🙏🏼. My boy & I have our best chats in the car- apparently boys especially don’t like face to face interrogation. Keep doing a fun activity together once a week or fortnight too- we either do a movie (chatting in the car to and from), or have a nice lunch or dinner out. We’ve been foodies together for years, & now if I’ve been a bit too busy for him, he’ll complain ‘Mum, we don’t even have dinner together anymore…’ which makes me laugh AND make a reservation 😬
      Turning 50 is amazing; mine was bumpy but also revelatory- good luck 🙏🏼❤ G

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  10. zlotybaby says

    In bed by 2 am? You have some stamina. I barely make it past midnight these days 😉 I like your idea for more scheduled blogging. It will probably benefit you as much as your readers. Good luck with your New Year’s resolutions!

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  11. Those are some good resolutions. I haven’t quite put mine in writing yet, just action… Waking up earlier and not sleeping the day away, walk more and make my step counter happy as I gradually bump up my daily step goal, etc etc. Yay 2018!

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    • Yay for 2018 indeed- they’re great resolutions J; nothing like a morning walk for a good start to the day 💪🏼💪🏼
      Best of luck! G


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