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For your Dec 25, ease up on the presents- just Be Present

Performing as a silent Golden Angel, trying to remind everyone to be Kind, Present, and full of Empathy #over50 #theatreperformer #empathy #kindness @boneAndsilver @brenébrown
Performing as a silent Golden Angel, trying to remind everyone to be Kind, Present, and full of Empathy #over50 #theatreperformer #empathy #kindness @boneAndsilver @brenébrown

Performing as a silent Golden Angel, trying to remind everyone to be Kind, Present, and full of Empathy #over50 #theatreperformer #empathy #kindness @boneAndsilver


Hello dearest Readers, where some of us are already well into Xmas Eve, while some of you are still waking up into the beginning of it (time zones still amaze/confuse me).

I just wanted to share my one wish for this upcoming holiday season of both celebration and stress for many of us (I’ve never been a big Xmas fan, sorry).

Yesterday, as part of my performing work, I was a Golden Angel, walking on stilts in a local mall. The place was packed, with so many folk rushing from shop to shop, clutching handfuls of stuffed plastic bags, or wheeling whole trolleys full of them.

Slowly we walked along, smiling without speaking, merely ringing a tiny bell. And I was doing my goddam hardest to project and inspire Kindness, Care, Empathy, and Love.

I know gifts are fun, and can be meaningful symbols of love and connection; but don’t forget how valuable it is to have a truly deep meeting of minds and souls with your family members, especially if you don’t see them very often.

Performing as a silent Golden Angel, trying to remind everyone to be Kind, Present, and full of Empathy #over50 #theatreperformer #empathy #kindness @boneAndsilver @brenébrown

Performing as a silent Golden Angel, trying to remind everyone to be Kind, Present, and full of Empathy #over50 #theatreperformer #empathy #kindness @boneAndsilver

Many folk are actually alone at this time of year, estranged from families through choice, or consequence, and suicide rates are the highest. So if you are lucky enough to be with those you love, really BE with them: look into their eyes, tune in to their words and the messages beneath them, and ask them honestly how they’re doing in their lives.

Then listen.

Listen as kindly as you can; everyone struggles in this harsh world, and sometimes feeling ‘heard’ can be the greatest gift you will give. Plus a hug too.

I’m wishing you all a wonderful few days of relaxation and connection: with your family [of blood or choice], your friends, your neighbours & community. I also hope you connect with Nature, and with yourself.

I’m going to let go of this blog for a week or so, and unplug my wifi! But I’ll be back, and I can’t wait to hear from you all again soon.

In gratitude for Empathy, G xO 



  1. Trace-Blogs says

    Merry Christmas lovely xxx
    I shed a little tear reading this as I have a very complicated Christmas, and I am away from 17. I just have to get through it for my little one x

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    • *sighs
      I know that exact feeling Honey; I actually wrote a bit more about my childhood history of complicated Christmases- and I too am away from my 17- but decided to keep it simple so deleted it all. Just try to keep breathing deeply & calmly, & to not fall down into the more negative emotions… it’s just another day really, & we need to focus as usual on being kind to ourselves. I hope it goes ok, sending love & peace, G ❤🙏🏼

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      • Trace-Blogs says

        I do that too. I write posts that I think might be too complicated, like my life ha ha and then delete! I almost went down in a crumpling mess around 430 but I sucked it up, held my head up, and kept going. Came home with the little one and read my book. I was craving alone time. I hope your day was lovely and if not, that it went quickly! Was so hard being away from him. My heart hurts. Much love x

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  2. gigglingfattie says

    Happy holidays to you G!! I hope that you have a lovely time with H and with your son (if you get to see them both! Enjoy your blogging break!

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  3. My sentiments exactly! Inspiring words, and I, too might just unplug from the blog and read in front of the fire! Tonight it will be just hubs and me, enjoying each other’s company on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas to you and yours! ~ Lynn

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  4. Love your angelic get up! The image of angels on stilts in the mall is lovely. Enjoy your holiday and thanks for the perspective and priorities. See you upon your return!

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    • Many thanks as ever for reading & commenting Steph, and I’m glad some of my words resonated for you- the Angels sent them to me 😊👍🏼


  5. I am with my partner and my sister and brother in Dublin, Ireland. All is well and peaceful. All is done and ready (mostly). All is good. From this place of peace, I wish you stillness and serenity. Thank you for your excellent advice and your positive wishes and your words. Merry Christmas.

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    • Thank you Jean, that sounds like a wonderful place to be, & I can truly feel the stillness & serenity you’re sending me, thank you. Blessings to all of you gathered there, from the humid blue sky loud birdsong of Australia 🙏🏼❤🌈❤ G

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  6. I completely agree. But it seems every year we (and by “we,” I mean within our household–though I suspect it is fairly universal) fight the same battle between letting the season itself be the gift–embracing the enforced quietude and togetherness–and stressing that X won’t enjoy their gift or Y is still processing some childhood gift-giving disappointment.

    All with the understanding that businesses (at least in the Western capitalist world) rely on the frenzy of December shopping to drive their annual sales totals..

    And thus does the mercantilism override the reflection.

    But then I see how excited my daughters are to give/exchange gifts, and I look (through the eyes of a Jewish-raised atheist) at our shimmering Christmas tree, and I smell the onion soup and roasting beef, and I take a deep breath of momentary solace.

    At least, until the next guest arrives…:)

    Happy Holidays!

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  7. Happy Festivus G. I have tried to deny its coming and eventual reality because I hate all the consumerism and the way Christmas is mostly defined by retailers and shite, sentimental advertisements. They always make me feel as if my life is not good enough. I also loathe the expectation to smile and pretend that ‘the day’ is wonderful – for what? Why should we pretend to be overjoyed with happiness and contentment for one day of the year? Especially if we aren’t Christians – a friend of mine does a podcast called Soul Doctor and she did a long post about the true meaning of Yuletide, and that fact that a third (I think) of Australians don’t know why we celebrate Christmas! Unbelievable hey?! Despite what Soul Doctor says about welcoming and inviting a more spiritual meaning, I feel swamped with annoyance and loneliness this year.

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    • Oh honey, yes yes yes. I am so with you. I’m glad it’s done now- a wise friend calls it a ‘capitalist clusterfuck’, and she’s so right 😞😖
      It has no meaning, as you articulate (unless you’re Christian), and that’s what I object to… but we’ve made it to another New Years Eve… which I do enjoy 🎉💃🏻💃🏻
      Thank you for reading & commenting, & I hope it wasn’t too bad for you- Happy 2018 hey? 🙏🏼❤x G

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  8. Hope your Christmas and new year was awesome, you made a beautiful and peaceful looking angel
    Unplugging every now and then is good for the soul I think, I am sure I need to do that sooner or later

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