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Schooling with teenage son No.1

Me: What are you going to do when you finish school at 18? Go to university? Or perhaps take a year off and go travelling…?

Him:Β  A year?? Mum, I’m taking a decade off!


  1. There is a young man with ambitions! Aim high.

    And the phrase I read once in a novel may apply here. “I don’t care what it is he does with his gap time, as long as he is either earning or learning.”

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  2. gigglingfattie says

    Sounds like an awesome plan to me!! Down with school!! *she chants in whispers so her teaching degree doesn’t feel sad*

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    • Hahaha- yes, it’s a fine balance for me with getting him to finish school, while at the same time agreeing with him that the University of Real Life will teach him a lot more… 😏

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      • gigglingfattie says

        Haha yeah! I hate the over reliance on a university degree though. Especially in Canada. We have college and university and I once had a “friend” who refused to date anyone who didn’t go to university. There are so many jobs and learning styles not conducive to that environment. So many other options!

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  3. I went right to college and then did take 10 years off. Make sure he knows how hard it is to go back after that much time and how much harder it is to make friends that are 10 years younger than you and how much harder the classes seem after all that time.

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  4. I kind of approve. With hindsight I think it unreasonable to expect someone of 18 to choose their future career. I did not have a clue at 18 so worked in a factory lab for a few years before doing my degree and I am still not sure my eventual career was the right one for me.

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    • Yup, I must admit I approve too- I only worked out what I really wanted to do at 28. I know he’ll never just sit around watching TV; he’s not that kinda kid. I just had to share his utter confidence in being done with school as soon as possible. Thanks for commenting Arty : )


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