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Random/reblog Thursdays: Sweet and Lowe’s

Brian at Bonnywood Manor is hilarious, and never fails to make me laugh. I hope you enjoy him xO

Bonnywood Manor

I’m working on my blog, minding my own business, on a Sunday afternoon. The phone rings.

It’s Terry.

He’s calling from Odessa, where he and the brother and sister that are still on speaking terms are taking care of family business. There is no telling what this might be about, as those three think dangerously alike and any negative aftermath of their actions is tripled.

I answer.

He responds. “Hi Sweetie! I love you!” Immediately, with those 5 words, I’m on red alert. I know him. There is going to be an attempt to involve me in something unsavory.

I take a deep breath. “So, what are you guys up to?”

“Well, we’re here at Lowe’s and Nina and I were looking around at stuff and we were out in the lawn and garden section and Nina found these patio chairs that she really likes but there’s only one and…

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