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Teenage Tuesday: Feedback on new, ‘dumb’ mobile phone

A technology shift against smartphones, as teenagers reclaim their pre-internet lives

His actual new phone: a simple but significant step against social media overuse #selfcare #wellbeing #teenager #proudmum #australia @boneAndsilver

Me: So how’s it going with your new, internet-free phone Honey? My blog readers loved it! They’re very proud of you; we have “Teenage Tuesday” now, so they’re all up to date on you.

Him: [*smirks and rolls eyes, but obviously kinda pleased]


Him: [*staring at me in a way that I know means he’s up to something…]

You know Mum, if ever you ‘monetize’ your blog, I want 50%. Oh, and that’s backdated, OK.


  1. Sure, I would say, minus deductions for room and board, transportation, health care, taxes and other assorted “overhead.”

    Hey, maybe “17” will end up owing YOU money. 🙂

    I kid.

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  2. I was going to make a comment about you backdating his ‘care and feeding’ for 17 years but others beat me to it … seems 17-year-old-BoneSon-logic didn’t take the concept far enough before positing his addendum! 😀

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