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The return of ‘normal programming’: Me Monday catch up

Full of gratitude for a refreshing sunset beach swim practicing self care

Beach selfie #gratitude #over50 #Australia #beach

Hi. What have I got for ‘Me Monday’ you wonder? I’m back from the burrow of that Permaculture Paradise, and ready to reconnect with all the Readers who were just yawning at so many photos of trees and veggie gardens.

Well, H is here from Melbs, so that’s been fun- Summer has given us a last hit of humid steaminess, and we actually had to lock ourselves in the living room with the aircon for a couple of days, including dragging two single mattresses onto the floor to get some proper sleep.

You could tell who didn’t have aircon around town because they looked sleep-deprived and grumpy; after 3 nights in a row of + 30C, I was praying for the cool change! When I lived in Adelaide a few years ago, we once had 10 days in a row of + 40C (104F) and my tiny garden studio had no aircon; I was ready to kill someone just for a good night’s sleep. In fact, one afternoon I snuck into my landlady’s house (I had my own key as I used her spare bathroom), and just lay on her couch for a couple of hours while she was at work to save my sanity… although I nearly lost it again trying to remember how all the fluffy cushions lined up correctly so she wouldn’t know what I’d done.

Hiking boots and cut off baggy shorts, so glamorous now I'm over 50

These boots are made for walkin And that’s just what they’ll do One of these days these boots are gonna #Australia #wellbeing #over50blogger #walkingboots @boneAndsilver

Anyway, back to the present: we’ve gone swimming most days, and the ocean is about 22-25C; truly delightful. H leaves tomorrow, and then this time next week I’ll have flown to Tasmania, and be about to start a 4-day/3 night wilderness hike for my dear friend’s 50th birthday. Exciting! Well, apart from the slight trepidation of carrying all our own food and water etc… we are staying in huts at night, equipped with kitchens and bunk beds, but no refrigeration or hot showers- if we had to carry our own tents and sleeping mats as well I’d have had to pass on the adventure I’m afraid- I don’t even like to carry my car keys as a rule.

Yes, I am a Princess. Is that a problem for you? ‘Cos it sure ain’t for me (verified ‘Princess response’ #79).

My cousin did the walk a few months ago, and told me she did no training. I’m fitter than her, so I did pretty much no training either… then last weekend she clarified that she actually did lots of lunges and squats, PLUS 4 10km walks AND one 16km walk!

Oh shit. I could be in trouble…

The track guidelines say we need to carry 10-12 kilos, and be able to walk for 4 hours a day. I can do that can’t I? I have made myself do a few one-hour long beach walks, on the flat, but not even carrying my car keys…


In gratitude (I hope) for inherent “bone&silver” cardio fitness, G xO 


  1. The water sounds lovely. Heat and humidity, not so much. When I was a resident in Chicago and didn’t have air conditioning, I would sometimes sleep over at the hospital just so I could rest. I do get it.

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  2. Ha ha ha this is great, Gabrielle! Welcome home. Love that “H” is visiting to see you home. 🙂

    Have a fantastic time in Tasmania — where will you be? I spend a bit of time in Tasmania when I was dating this guy (didn’t work out). And I soooo hear you, I’m a princess too and how cool that you claim it!

    Blessings Beloved Gabrielle. 🙂 Debbie

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  3. That heat is a killer … quite literally sometimes. Glad you found a way around it. I always hated it. … these days I’ve adapted so well that anything over 26 degrees and I wilt. Mind you, our Summers even here on the coast-ish are creeping up into the high 30’s these days. Might be time to head further north. 🙂

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  4. gigglingfattie says

    All your plans sound super exciting!! 😀

    On a little side note: I’m 5 days into a squat challenge lol it’s not been fun haha

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          • gigglingfattie says

            Lol start it now!! I do sets of 25 because there is no way on earth I could do all 100 in one set. I’ve slowly been getting them closer and closee together time wise. And I’m keeping a little log in my drafts of note worthy thoughts I have while doing it. Included “why am I doing this?!?!?” And “it should not hurt to sit” and “why did I have to skin my knee last night? That does not make this easier” lol

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          • gigglingfattie says

            Awesome!! The last 5 of any set usually are the hardest for me. I like 25 because I don’t get tired until like 15 and then I’m like “I’m over half way might as well finish it up now” and by the time I tell myself that I’m at 20 and then I’m like “WHAT! Only 5 left! Suck it up Buttercup!” lol

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  5. Trace-Blogs says

    Oh my god I hate it when it doesn’t get below 22 at night! Ha ha! We had 40 here last Wednesday. No air con in our classrooms. Ridiculous. Tasmania sounds amaaaaaze. You’ll b fine. Beautiful pic! x

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  6. It feels slightly unreal reading about your temperature woes huddled in front of the computer in my down jacket in my northern hemisphere study. Good luck with the walk I’m sure 4 hours a day will be fine as long as it’s a reasonable pace not an army style yomp and you have plenty of calories and water on board.
    I’ve been enjoying your blog of a while now and have finally managed to set aside time to start writing my own – it would be great if you could visit and follow for a few weeks (longer obviously if you like it) – thanks 🙂

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    • Hi Ellen- thanks so much for your comment, and for following me, AND for starting your own blog- I popped over and it looks great! The only thing I’d give feedback on is that I can’t ‘Like’ a post- did you do that deliberately? I read 2 of them, and hitting the Like button is such a great way of letting bloggers know you’ve read their stuff… Good luck on the journey, and Happy Birthday- Life truly begins at 40 (& 50), especially as a powerful woman- or a woman finally coming into her power. I’m glad we’ve connected, cheers G : ) xO


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