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How do you start your morning- tea or coffee? Well, neither if you’re a refugee

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

My official Refugee Rations box arrived for the Ration Challenge, and it feels weird to know I’m getting to ‘play’ at such a serious situation for only a week- the privilege mocks me.

Thanks to lovely friends and my network, I’ve raised almost $900 so far, which feels awesome; having reached various ‘fundraising targets’, I’ve ‘earnt’ myself 50g of salt (instead of sugar), some milk, a spice (I’m choosing cumin), and now a small head of broccoli (170g) plus yesterday an egg!

Very exciting. These rewards don’t come out of the fundraising donations of course; it just means I am able to include them in my refugee diet. It works on the honour system, and it’s a lovely feeling to know that all over Australia, thousands of us are doing this together to raise awareness and take action in support of our vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world.

I’m about $100 off being ‘allowed’ 2 teabags, and if there’s one thing I love it’s my pot of peppermint tea in the morning… PLEASE donate if you haven’t already, and help me get this treat.

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

It’s easy to donate from America, England, or anywhere overseas: just click the link below, click the Donate button, and nominate the amount you want to choose at the bottom of the list- even $10 would be awesome. As I said before, if half of you donated $10, I’d raise $4,300… and rest assured that all of the funds go directly to the refugee cause; the friend that roped me into this researched the ethics and accountability of this organisation before she got us involved.

Act for Peace Ration Challenge HERE

With the amount I’ve raised, my supporters and I are feeding two Syrian refugees for a year: that feels SO GOOD. I’m certainly not looking forward to being hungry over the next seven days, but with over 65.5 million people currently displaced from their homes and communities around the world, I figure I can deal with it.

Here’s the link again, in case you’re hesitating… and just remember how easily we in the West can make a small gesture that has much bigger, positive, global repercussions…

Act for Peace Ration Challenge HERE

With blessings, thanks & gratitude, G xO

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme


  1. Best wishes to you and all your fellow travelers on this learning week. And I’m hoping you’ll have tea to drink–me, I’d make a big pot with my 2 bags and dole it out over the week.

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  2. Damn!! this is one of the things that sucks at being SO far behind in blogs
    Sorry I missed this G I hope it went well and that you got your tea bags

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