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‘I want to eat my lawn’: craving greens on a week-long ration challenge

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Support my refugee cause by donatingI’m heading into Day 5, and after this week of eating the same food as a Syrian refugee, will be avoiding rice for at least the next 3 months.

Day 3 was hard: I felt really foggy in my brain, and almost angry that I was making myself do this.

Thank goodness that passed. Today has been better, apart from fighting my ridiculous urge to eat anything green, including grass.

On Facebook, other Ration-Challengers have been moaning about no caffeine, sugar, or alcohol; I’m just having serious fantasies about superfood green smoothies, bunches of fresh spinach, and steamed broccoli heads with olive oil and cracked pepper.I made falafel-type patties for lunch & dinner: remember I only have salt, flour, veg oil, one spice (cumin), no garlic, no onion. But oh boy, they still tasted delicious!


If you feel like helping me reach the final fundraising target of $1500 (I’m on almost $1300), here is my Donation Page link.Β And thank you so much.

Or please send parsley and kale, express post… πŸ˜‰

In utter gratitude for my waiting fridge and its contents, G xO


  1. SO amazing what you’re doing here lady. Really great.
    Side note: I think greens is what I would miss the most too! We’ve been some places in Europe where it’s really hard to find anything green (in Budapest, all their veggies are pickled!) and I felt pretty crazy after a few days. Our bodies need those nutrients! Hang in there, and thanks again for your service!

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      • I am sorry it was so small! And even less than I thought cause I didn’t realize I wasn’t donating in USD (cause you know, the world revolves around us Americans. oy!) Been trying to give a little to a lot of places lately cause there’s so much need. Every little bit helps I hope! Thanks again for walking the walk! x

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        • Every bit helps Cat! Keep giving tiny amounts wherever it’s needed- we almost have a duty to do that I reckon- & rest assured it made me smile, & feel grateful & connected- that kind of gift is priceless β€πŸ™πŸΌ

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  2. This is so admirable of you to do. I think you had great compassion and understanding already for what it must be to be a Syrian refuge, but I’m sure this has expanded your heart even further. You are amazing my beautiful friend. Xoxoxo

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  3. Such an obvious point you’ve just made that I’ve completely overlooked. Been so focused on what the rations are, but for refugees, they wouldn’t be eating them in familiar surroundings, in a safe comfortable home. (Assuming you are. No-one expects you to give up your home AND your greens πŸ˜‰). That small amount of food must be so welcome whist feeling lost and afraid in a strange uncomfortable place. What you’re doing is truly humbling.

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    • Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head there: I have been humbled by this experience, & by the terrible realization of just lucky I am… how we all are really, blogging on WordPress with wifi & full bellies…

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    • Thanks Violet- it’s been REALLY hard, & very uncomfortable, yet everything goes beautifully ‘back to normal’ for me tomorrow, here in Paradise… and the difficulties will quickly fade… not so for real refugees hey? Many spend years in tents in camps… I CANNOT imagine the stress & hardship 😰😰😰


  4. Sending you so much love and Light, and to what your doing. I so support you for your caring and putting your body on the line, Gabrielle! (And, I appreciate your craving greens juice πŸ™‚ )
    Thank you!

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