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‘Give me avocado or give me death’; oh what the hell, give me both

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme

#ActforPeace #rationchallenge #refugeerations #sponsorme #avocado

Today, Sunday in Australia, is my last day living without my beloved avocados. I have two waiting for me in the fridge, seducing me with their perfect green curves every time I open the door. Which I’m trying not to do very often, surviving on official Refugee Rations as I am.

Last day today! OMG I am SO READY for this to be over. There is a part of me that feels lightheadedly content to drift along in this new, vague, low energy, who-needs-to-really-eat-food-anyway kinda cult mindset… but the other 90% of me really misses the energetic, dancing, beach-jogging, feast-cooking, sharp-brained, nut-eating, green-smoothie-making, utter-food-pleasure-loving G.

Seven days isn’t long I know; many refugees live for years in camps of uncertainty and severe restrictions. My Western privilege has stood up in front of my face for this whole week, don’t you worry, as well as my complete addiction to greens, as I mentioned before in last post ‘I want to eat my lawn’.

I’ve also really missed the sheer simple pleasure I get from food: dreaming up a meal, cycling to the health food store to get any special ingredients I need, playing fun music while I cook, then delighting in the flavours, textures and nutrition as I share it with ’18’, a visiting friend, or even just my own rather pleasant company.

Songs from the Bardo to liberate yourself from Buddhist beliefs of death and rebirth

Projections of Buddhist texts #LaurieAnderson #songsfromthebardo #HOTA #GoldCoast #avantgarde @boneAndsilver

So it was a confrontingly deep concert yesterday with avant-garde legend Laurie Anderson: Songs from the Bardo- The Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo – or Tibetan Book of the Dead. 

What can I say? I just sat there on the grass, front centre, warmed by the Winter sun, and let the experience wash over me.

“Tibetan Book of the Dead is an ancient text used to guide the newly departed through states encountered between death and reincarnation; or liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

The international performer, singer Tenzin Choegyal joins avant-garde legend Laurie Anderson to present a musical interpretation of the treasured words and images of the ancient Bardo texts.

Transcend into an immersive experience with Laurie Anderson and Tenzin Choegyal, as they invoke the teachings and imagery of The Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo as the ever-dissolving bardo – sky, water, earth, and fire.”-

HOTA website 2018

I thought about my newly-18 son, his whole adult life ahead of him, and my Dad, dead for 10 years this year, who has missed so much of him.

I prayed that my Dad died in peace.

I tried to imagine all the mothers and fathers who flee their homes with their children, utterly desperate to give them a better life, and undertaking perilous journeys to do so.

I tried to understand how perhaps we are all just living this particular cycle of a particular life, and that maybe we will come back in the next one as a refugee, a Border security officer, or just another simple human being, living this particular cycle?

Whatever happens, I’m proud of myself for sticking to this challenge, and grateful to those of you who reached out and donated. Thank you to reader Cat over at Cat H Bradley in the US who donated and commented ‘Thank you for your service here- it’s really a service to all of us!’

Yes. That’s it. It’s not really about me at all. It’s about all of us, walking the talk of Kindness, Support, and most importantly Compassion.

Last chance to click and donate is HERE, thank you, and may your day be filled with noticing the small, beautiful things around you, for tomorrow it may all be gone, until perhaps it begins again.

In gratitude for Laurie Anderson, creativity, sunsets, different philosophies, and of course avocados, love G xO


  1. I love Laurie Anderson’s work. What a beautiful post! Counting down with you to avocado day tomorrow, or will you stay up late and have a midnight feast of avo and greens? I think I would. 🙂


  2. Wow, amazing Gabrielle. I love this especially, walking the talk of kindness, support and compassion. I really see you doing that. You are so authentic, caring and honest. Thanks Gabrielle for a great post.
    Enjoy the avocados tomorrow!

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  3. gigglingfattie says

    I know by the time you read this, you’ll probably have already eaten at least one of those avocados so congratulations for finishing this week! You are a huge inspiration, G! I’m so proud of you xoxo

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    • Thank you for appreciating my efforts- it was really hard- we are so goddam lucky in the West, generally speaking- I just don’t think I would survive a real refugee situation- I got so weak, hungry, emotional, tired… I can’t imagine trying to flee on a boat or across deserts…

      Are you the Q that just donated? If so, THANK YOU so much 🙂 And if not, just your support and positive feedback is enough 🙂
      Blessings, G xO

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    • Thank you Ann- yes, that is so true, apart from the heartless monsters who seem to be in positions of power everywhere 😰


  4. You did good. For tomorrow I wish you a huge Greek salad, perhaps with a smidgeon of fresh garlic in the dressing. Not kosher, I know, but you deserve the flavour. -hugs-

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    • That sounds divine- a friend took me out to lunch to celebrate today- we shared the most divine quinoa salad with baked eggplant and pomegranate AND a halloumi burger with chips- I’m still stuffed! I think my stomach shrank

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  5. I suspect that the time you read this you would’ve already consumed those avocados. Were they as good as you hoped? 😀 … congratulations for what you have accomplished. 🙂

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  6. I really need a Love button for this post – you’re an inspiration and thank you for taking part in raising awareness for those who do not have the lifestyle we have in the Western world. Also thank you for your thoughts and reflections on your Dad – it’s something I hope that both my parents experienced right at the end – a feeling of peacefulness as they died. Again thank you!

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  7. Loved this post… so many things about it… first… The Duke of Wellington said what he was looking forward to when he stopped fighting Napoleon and got back home was a nice piece of hot buttered toast !!!
    Avocados… when I first arrived in NZ with my two small children and no money, in some senses a refugee, croissants and avocados were what I missed… when they finally penetrated Godzone, my children thought they were the height of sophistication to introduce to their friends who’d never seen them !
    Loved everything you had to say about refugees and all the struggles of being alive in a world of haves and have-nots. Congratulations on your courage and commitment in completing your challenge… what a tough assignment…
    The Bardo… that performance sounds wonderful, and must lift its hearers into another state of consciousness .. is it possible to find it in Youtube I wonder.. I’m off to investigate … if not – back to my well-thumbed book after reading your thoughtful words…. go well and eat many more avocados …

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    • Hi Valerie, thanks so much for going to the effort of commenting, and I’m delighted and touched that my post resonated for you.
      Croissants AND avocados: OMG that’s my idea of heaven on earth, regardless of religious beliefs!
      The week on rations was very hard, but so worthwhile… and I don’t think Laurie’s performance is on YouTube, but if you find it, please feel free to share the link here 🙂 As I wrote to a friend, the best thing about her performance was her utter commitment to being Present, open, & generous- she was stunning, and the concert was transporting ❤ G

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