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Osteopath: ‘You’re all locked up, & we need to shift it.’ Me: ‘OK…’ *gulps

There's no place like home & I'm nearly there

On the train home after 16,000kms flying #traveller #jetlag #tired #grateful @boneAndsilver

I’ve been back from England for 10 days now (16,886 kms away from home in Australia), and my valiant struggles with the dreaded jetlag are finally paying off. Last night I did open my eyes at 1.30am as usual, but instead of lying there till 4.30, wide awake and wanting some dinner, I went back to sleep within 30 minutes, so have woken up feeling relatively normal.

This is joy.

And I’m not going to whinge on about the incredible privilege of international air travel, when so many millions of fellow human beings are homeless or without access to clean water…

But jetlag does suck bad.

Plus sleeping on a shitty pull-out bed on Mum’s floor for 3 weeks had stressed my back, therefore a visit to the Osteopath was part of my self-care strategy on returning. I was massaged, manipulated, adjusted and cracked, especially my chest/rib area, front and back.

You know, around your heart. Interesting that.

I went home from the appointment feeling terrible: nauseous like morning sickness, grumpy, on edge, and prickly too. Poor ’18’. Going to school suddenly looked like way more fun than it had the day before as he’d wangled to hang out with me.

The next day, home alone, I just cried and cried. Like, every hour on the hour.

Cried for Mum, for me, for ’18’. For everyone I knew who was losing or lost a parent; for all of us ageing and moving towards our own demise; for every human on this planet who is suffering; for the suffering planet herself. Also for cool songs on the radio, and my favourite avocado on toast snack.

Man, I wept!

I’d been bottling up so much for the entire trip, and finally felt safe enough to let it go.

The following day, back at work, people told me I looked really light, pretty, and well. I smiled to myself and thought ‘I doubt crying all day will become the latest popular beauty routine, but maybe there’s something in it anyway…?’

In gratitude for the safety and space I have at home, G xO



  1. Major release and letting go. Glad you are feeling better. First world problem or no, I agree with you that jet lag indeed sucks. Coming home from India (an even 12 hours off, similar I think to UK/AU) it took more than a month to rebalance.

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  2. Nell and I had a long, rather intense argument–OK, it was loud fight–which eventually resolved itself in an exhausted, “you were right, no YOU were right.”

    And while we both had emotional hangovers upon waking, they slowly gave way to a kind of happy relief. Or, at least, relief. πŸ™‚

    Sometimes you just need to let it ALL out in order to move past whatever “it” is.

    And if it makes us all a little more stunning, so be it.

    Welcome home.

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    • Yes, Absolutely. Thank you for sharing and understanding. I love ‘letting go’; the actual process feels horrible, but I have learnt I will feel so much better afterwards.

      It is SO GOOD to feel like I’m actually fully arriving home πŸ™‚

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  3. Jet lag plus stress plus grief is awful. Glad you got it out of your system and are feeling better. Maybe some pure iodine wouldn’t be a bad idea for a week or so. It’s food for the immune system and you just paint some onto your skin once a day. If it’s absorbed quickly – less than 8 hours – you needed it. If the yellow stain hangs around for 24 hours your body doesn’t need it. Just be careful as it does stain clothing too.

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    • That sounds fascinating, thank you! I’ve never heard of such a thing Meeka- I am taking some Chinese powdered herbs to support me, and have also had acupuncture- will it help if I just eat lots of seaweed?? Your caring suggestion is very much appreciated xx


      • The seaweed is definitely good, just remember that we’re not used to a lot of iodine in our diet so don’t over do it. The good thing about the iodine on the skin is that the body simply pees out whatever it doesn’t need. If you have Betadine in the medicine cabinet, try that coz it has iodine in it. If you become convinced, you can buy Lugol’s pure iodine online. It costs about $35 AUD and the bottle lasts for a very long time.
        Stay healthy. πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh Gabrielle, I’m sending you so much Light and love. Really glad you were able to get out the tears. ❀ That's so important (and for me, not always the easiest to do). Know that you are not alone as you walk through this — Blessings Gabrielle. Love, Debbie

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  5. Kristen Paulson-Nguyen says

    Love the post. I recently realized my mom’s (everyone’s) vulnerability when she had an injured knee. She’s in france right now; trying not to worry about her. I sweat a lot and my skin looks great–but working for that sweat is like UGH. Glad you were able to cry! Not everyone can.

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  6. I read somewhere that a a good cry convinces our brains to release a whole bunch of endorphins as a reward … a bit like an orgasm really. πŸ˜€ … glad you’re safe and sound back home. πŸ™‚

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