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I’ve been gagged by a comet- more delights of dating over 50

Going on a date night over 50 for my wellbeing and pleasure

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Remember the Comet I wrote about 3 months ago, as a romantic prospect? And all your great comments to just relax, stop thinking too much, jump in and have a good time?

Well, basically I relaxed, stopped thinking, jumped in, and have been having a GREAT time!

However, I’ve been officially gagged:

‘So what do you blog about at bone&silver?’

‘Oh you know, being over 50, having a teenager, online dating etc…’

‘Ok. Interesting. Well here’s my rule: if you’re going to date me, you can’t write anything about it. And no images either, anywhere.’

‘Right. Well, that’s clear. My ex loved it… but I hear you. I’ll miss writing about it, but yes, I can agree to that.’

So there you have it. This person has zero social media presence (trust me, I looked really hard in the beginning), and you know when you Google yourself and find a few images? Another big fat zero.

So there’s no way I’m going to mess with that.

Which means I need to stop writing this post very soon. My heart has definitely healed from my break up with the ex, and I have been having fun times. I miss that sense of a deep creative connection though; everyone offers unique gifts of course, and there’s no doubt the Comet is a special find… I just need to wait and see how we arc across the sky together.

And I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to tell you about it. I’m grateful for the experiences so far though, and rest assured I’m happy, curious, excited, slightly vulnerable, and willing to fly.

In gratitude for dating courage, G xO


  1. gigglingfattie says

    I hope your experience goes well!! I’ve switched to just talking about my experiences in my nail art videos because I don’t want one specific person to know about them and I know that will never happen if they are in the videos lol I hope you have lots of dating courage!! Send some my way, please! I have a first meet on Sunday

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    • Thanks T- yes it’s interesting negotiating privacy and self expression isn’t it? Sounds like you’ve found a good strategy in your nail vids- very smart!

      Totally good luck for Sunday- just be yourself, and listen to your heart xx

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      • gigglingfattie says

        I’ve only had one guy say he didn’t want to be on my blog but that was part of his “ending things with me” speech. And it was done in a hurtful way lol it sounds like this was a very respectful conversation.

        And thanks! I hope it goes well!

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  2. I met my husband on a dating website. I had to kiss a fair few frogs before I met him, take care not to fall into the fantasy of online dating. Make sure that the one you choose puts you first before anything else because you deserve the best. 🌹

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    • Yes! That is a very good sum up of the best online dating attitude- I believe I do take that approach- I’ve kissed a whole bunch of frogs and frogettes- still not exactly sure who I’m looking for yet, so no wonder I haven’t quite found them… but this ‘having fun looking’ is lots of fun 😊
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, & I’m glad you found your hubby 😍

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  3. Ha ha! I so appreciate that. My partner is sort of like that, though not quite as clear cut. Well, I’m so glad that you’re having fun and healed from your other relationship. My spiritual mentor J-R has said something like how the best way to heal a relationship is to get into a new one! Anyway, blessings Gabrielle. Love to you both. Debbie

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    • Thanks Debbie- I do think we do a lot of healing in relationships, but I definitely believe we need quality time alone as well- it’s a balance isn’t it?

      I appreciate a clear cut conversation- I’m a bit that way inclined for sure 😘


    • Yes indeed- it’s an important balance- to create intimacy with both readers and dating partner, while preserving privacy- almost the antithesis of a personal blog though- a fine line to tread 🙂


  4. I’m so happy to hear things are still going well with Comet. And the timing is uncanny that you mention ethics and privacy: I have been thinking the same thing in writing about Logan now that things are getting more serious. I’m deliberately including less and less detail over time for various reasons… one being for his privacy (even though he doesn’t know I have a blog). Granted, mine is a private blog but it still feels a bit uncomfortable to me.

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  5. YAAAAAAY!!! … ** waves arms in the air like Kermit and runs around in circles ** … congratulations! … and just so she knows, she breaks your heart we break her legs! 😀

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  6. GratefulGirl says

    I’m happy and hopeful for you! I’m not bound to not-blog, but did move to a different platform to accommodate the interest of my heart. It’s a great exercise in remembering priorities and where real happiness comes from. You have every bit of my optimistic well wishes!

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    • Thank you for commenting and sharing understanding 😊
      I agree that real life connection is way more valuable in matters of the heart than blogging… but as a writer it’s nice to have a bit of both hey? Thanks, G 😊


    • Thanks Trace- yes, I have felt like that too many times- I think it’s a healthy response to having been hurt… but then somehow, a ray of sunshine can gently appear, and it takes courage to admit that yes, you’re kinda ready for love again. May that feeling revisit you one day perhaps x

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      • Trace-Blogs says

        I am in a haze of toddler survival. Maybe in a few years. I can’t even imagine it. I am so happy you have found that again xx

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