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Well this is an exciting milestone number isn’t it?

So proud and grateful for my followers on WordPress
My niece captured me perfectly #portrait #black&white #snapshot

bone&silver’s G, happy in France in 2017 #over 50 #blogger #writer #authentic @boneAndsilver

I remember when I first started this blog, in September 2015, just about to head to an old Barn in France with my son ’15-then’. We were planning to sit around in the French countryside, reading and writing for a couple of months; the birth of bone&silver was a perfect way to keep in touch with family and friends, but also commit myself to more regular writing…

And we did just that. We read so many books between us, and I wrote two of my favourite ever posts:

Creatively- “France is a desperate party girl.”

Humorous- How to never end up at Shit Creek

I had maybe 20 Followers at first, then a few more once I shared it to social media a few times, or emailed friends directly. I got more serious [i.e regular postings] about this blog once I began dating ‘H’ in Melbourne, so February 2017 is when I feel I really hit my stride; we used to dream about when I had 200 Followers, or even 500.

“One day you’ll have a thousand, for sure,” H gently said… 

And look: now I do.

So proud and grateful for my followers on WordPress

This feels like a significant milestone #grateful #gratitude #blogging #over50 #wordpress #followers @boneAndsilver

Thank you so much to those of you who have followed me since the early days, and the dear friends who have loyally read [almost] every post. Thank you to the more recent readers for jumping onboard the eclectic bone&silver blog train, but most importantly, to those of you out there on WordPress who leave comments, offer support and advice, share my trials, delight in my joys, and literally make my body smile and feel full of gratitude for our connection.

The number is a significant one, yet the much smaller number of genuine, heartfelt interactions I have here are infinitely more important.

Blessings on all our creative endeavours, and may we continue to blossom in whatever ways we need.

In utter gratitude for words, & my WordPress community, G xO


  1. Congratulations That’s a wonderful achievement. You inspire me to be more deliberate and regular in my posting and in my reading of other people’s posts. I know that makes a huge difference. We all help each other. It’s a pretty nice arrangement.

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  2. Wow ! Well done ! I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers too, and have not extended my blog to social media. I want to have stronger links with those who read my blog.

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    • Thank you- I don’t use social media any more really- like you, I prefer more genuine connections with those who actually readers & writers themselves 🙂 Keep at it hey! 🙂

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  3. Many congratulations Gabrielle! I’m so glad we connected and I found your blog. I love reading your stories, seeing your inspiring or funny photos and feeling part of a community of caring people who cheer each other on 🙂

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  4. gigglingfattie says

    Congratulations!! That’s so exiting! I’m getting close to that number myself and I can’t wait to get there!

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  5. Congratulations. 🙂 1000 is a special milestone in a blogger’s life. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying the process. At this rate you’ll hit 2000 in no time. -hugs-

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  6. Hi, I find your story really motivating – having reached the milestone! I am a new blogger, 8 weeks old and wondered if numbers will ever pick-up!! I think I need to wait a little longer, patiently!

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