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The Top 7 kidney ‘bad boys’, & I’m sure making a lot of green pulp too

This kidney & adrenals cleanse uses a lot of celery juice for health and wellbeing

Seems like a shame to waste all that fibre #celery #cleanse #adrenals #wellbeing #justsayin’

Week One done of my 4-week Adrenal Recovery Program, and it’s a good thing I love celery: 500ml every morning first thing is a LOT of celery, and includes the leaves. Mmm, green and bitter, just how I like to start my day…

There are also 7 Big Bad No-Nos I have to avoid at all costs- They’re not in order of importance, and call me Fussy, but it looks like 10 to me really #justsayin’-:

  1. Gluten & dairy
  2. Soy & corn
  3. Pork
  4. Eggs
  5. Canola oil
  6. Caffeine (tea & coffee)
  7. Alcohol

The hardest one for me is eggs- I’m mostly vegan at home, but vegetarian when I’m out; sometimes I just crave a fried egg on [gluten-free] toast to fill me up in the morning. Without doubt, the other participants are struggling most with coffee and alcohol, which makes me super-grateful once again that I’ve somehow missed getting those vices.

Any differences in my energy or sleep? I must admit the ‘Eat-every-2-hours-especially-fruit regime’ seems to suit my metabolism, and I have felt more consistent energy levels so far during the day. I would also have said I’m sleeping well, but last night I woke up at 12.30 and was still crankily tossing and turning at 3.30, so please don’t speak to me about rest and vitality today!

Another key component is ‘Screens-off-by-8pm’– I have pushed this to 9pm a few times I admit, without even realising, but definitely feel calmer if I’m reading my book for an hour before bed instead of scrolling.

What about you- do you have a ‘screens-off’ deadline? And do you notice an effect?

As I mentioned in my last post ‘Then-together-we-walked-peacefully-off-into-the-sunset-my-kidneys-&-I’, I’m doing this to assist with menopausal symptoms, mainly restless sleep and warm/hot flushes. It feels too soon to notice a difference, although I did have a wonderfully deep sleep on Sunday night… I want that every night *stamps her foot like a spoilt brat*

I’ve also had my consultation with the Naturopath; we agreed it seemed fortuitous to get a range of blood tests for hormonal levels/iron/B12/thyroid etc, as I haven’t done that for at least a couple of years, and a lot changes with Menopause. The Kinesiology session was yesterday afternoon, and I felt very relaxed/tired afterwards, but then slept poorly, so I’m withholding further comment or judgment until later. What’s Kinesiology you ask? Better click that link 🙂

So off I trot into my 2nd week, well-aware of the luxury of my Western lifestyle, and the freedom to experiment with my food in a land of plenty; I would gladly live on celery alone for a year if it would help get the refugee children out of detention and off Nauru, but that’s a whole other post.

In gratitude for the blessings of green fibre, compost bins, and health knowledge passed through generations of East & West healers, G xO



  1. Wow, seems we are having parallel lives! When did your kidney issues start? Is it related to hormones? I’m so curious! I was sick most the summer with kidney infections and was finally diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. So been on a strict acid free diet for a month and a half. Looks a lot like your list of no no food! Quitting coffee and salsa is a joy killer for me! What was the worst for you?

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    • I don’t actually have kidney issues (that I know of anyway), but definitely hormone challenges with the menopause. Hopefully this celery juice will make changes; my regular diet luckily looks a whole lot like the acid free diet anyway, so I don’t feel too restricted- others in the group are struggling more with the caffeine & alcohol withdrawals. I hope your issues clear up soon


  2. Keep up the great work! I am seriously impressed with all you’re doing! Unfortunately I love my coffee so this would have been hard for me, but since I like celery that would have been ok. I’m proud of you G!

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  3. I’m so glad you’re doing this, Gabrielle – and I really acknowledge you! It’s not easy to give up things you like. (And yes that looks like 10 to me 🙂 ). Sending Light and love your way. You’ve got this! Debbie

    ps – I think the 8 or 9pm computer shut off time is such a great idea. Not doing this right now, and I bet it would be really relaxing.

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  4. What about you- do you have a ‘screens-off’ deadline? And do you notice an effect? Yes I don’t take my mobile into the bedroom and many times I don’t have screens at night at all. I notice a huge difference in my sleep and happiness generally, especially around not using social media at night (or at all). I agree that the list is clearly 10!! They just wanted to make it sound better 🙂

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  5. So the big question is – did it work? I read your list of things not to eat, and apart from my addiction to tea, I’m doing okay with that list….but I can’t eat a lot for fruit…being a FODmapper….so what to do?

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