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Then together, we walked peacefully off into the sunset, my kidneys & I

Healthy living is easy where I live in Australia #grateful

I want my kidneys to feel like this every morning #healthy #wellbeing #kidneycleanse #grateful @boneAndsilver

I’m a pretty healthy chick for 52; most of my friends would agree with that. But I’ve just signed up for a 4-week ‘Adrenal Recovery Program’, that includes 2 consultations with a Naturopath, plus 2 sessions with a Kinesiologist, as well as a weekly support group meeting with the 6 other participants.

Why? And this is where most of the fellas may wanna tune out: because the ‘warm/hot flushes’ of the menopause are driving me a little crazy at night, and I’m hoping a kidney/adrenals re-set will help.

If I’ve had the magicΒ  8.5 hours sleep I need, I feel like I can run the world (and let’s face it, I’d do a fabulous job compared to Trump). But waking up hot half a dozen times, throwing covers on and off, then wrestling with annoying pillows just because I’m a bit cranky does NOT make me a good world leader (still better than Trump though of course).

Part of the benefits of this Recovery program is supposedly deep, restful sleep; that is the new Black as far as I’m concerned.Β 

Celery is good for your endocrine and adrenal system

Luckily I love celery #healthy #wellbeing #kidneycleanse #adrenals @boneAndsilver

The biggest change to my daily life? 500ml of pure celery juice before anything else in the morning. Day 3 of the program, and I only just borrowed my friend’s super-duper juicer this afternoon, so I’ve been chomping on stalks in bed for 30 minutes on previous mornings instead (no wonder I’m still mostly single hey?)

Apparently the specific minerals in celery are the perfect combination to help the body’s endocrine system remain functioning healthily; poor function affects your thyroid/hormones/moods/insulin… the list is huge and slightly scary.

Another recommendation is eating every 2 hours, even if it’s only a handful of berries or banana between meals; I’m delighted to take this on. No refined sugar though (which I generally avoid anyway), but I’m hoping my energy levels will even out so I don’t get the overwhelming urge for a nana nap at around 3pm- perhaps I’ll even blog more often, as I feel like I’m letting things slide a bit around bone&silver lately, with less regular postings.

So we’ll see how I go. Hopefully my detox shock will be minimal, as I don’t drink coffee or alcohol (the big No Nos), and my tired little head will soon sink quietly into my pillow, then stay there still and cool all night long…

Watch this space- am I crazy? Self-indulgent? Have you ever done something like this?

In gratitude for preventative health options & centrifugal juicers, G xO



  1. Good luck! Happy to give you moral support on this… Just remember to eat MORE of what is good, and don’t punish yourself with thinking you have to eat less of what is “bad.”

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Yes, I am not a big believer in punishing myself for eating yummy food in moderation as treats- life is too short. I appreciate your support πŸ™‚ x


  2. gigglingfattie says

    Omg I don’t envy you at all!! I HATE celery! I had to buy some cos im going to make soup stock tomorrow but that’s the only reason I ever buy it. I shall send all my extra stalks your way so you can juice them *shudders*

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  3. Best of luck G. I’ve been going through the change for years now but, compared to my pals I’ve not had too many issues. I don’t get sweats – but I had my fair share of that nonsense when I was overweight (I’m still overweight but not like I was before my big op) and I am utterly convinced that it was having that op that’s levelled everything out. So, I don’t have mood swings or night sweats, hot flushes and I’m generally very calm…all the things that are the norm with the menopause. The only thing I do have is a heightened sense of smell. That’s more upsetting than you’d imagine but has really been alleviated by taking antihistamines. I am very healthy for 54 but I do work at it – not as stingently as you do, I reckon – and all without the benefit of celery. Hate the stuff haha. X

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    • Thanks darlin- I’m not having a terrible time, but just consistently annoying- disturbed sleep is my biggest challenge, as I said- and luckily I LOVE celery, so we’ll see what happens hey? good to hear your menopause hasn’t been too bad πŸ™‚

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      • Sleep is so important for my health so I can’t imagine how you must feel after having ‘consistently disturbed’ sleep. I’d say that’s pretty terrible. Keep taking the celery haha x

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  4. I can’t wait to hear how this goes. Wow, results in just 4 weeks! You are a better woman than I am – I don’t think I could handle eating that much celery. Haha.


  5. I have recently started on possible foods to keep blood pressure down, rather than medication, mainly via Google, but also via friend’s web newsletter. Astonished how beetroot + blueberries + hibiscus tea sen it plummeting !

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  6. Oh dear not looking towards that bit. Though my husband swears black and blue that women on hormone replacements fares much better than those that’s not on them. Guess it’s the lack of sleep that does it.

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    • yup, sleeplessness is a huge challenge, and I really don’t want to take hormone replacements if possible. We each have to find our own way through it though don’t we? Good luck!

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    • Yes, it’s interesting isn’t it? And a protein smoothie at 3pm instead of a nap… except I LOVE my siestas- feels like the ultimate act of rebellion in a Capitalist society, just to unplug and relax πŸ˜‰

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  7. I had quite a ride through menopause . The hormonal shifts’ effects on my emotions and felt sense of self were the biggest challenges . Tears were great for releasing biochemicals! And the metaphor of a crucible worked so well for me. I truly came out a new person . … not quite used to that yet, if I ever will be…. but so much junk was burned away, and I don’t miss it.

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    • Thanks for sharing that Cathy- yes, I agree I feel like I’m burning off crap somehow- there is stuff I miss of course, from youth, yet so much wisdom and greater sense of who I am and what I want… fingers crossed the good stuff will keep outweighing the bad ❀


  8. The upside of those hot flushes is you never ever, EVER have to use menstrual ‘products’ again! πŸ˜€ … (OK maybe one or two every so often, but that passes too. πŸ™‚ )

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    • That’s true. To be honest, I kinda enjoyed the rhythm of my periods… haven’t had one for 3 years now… but this ‘poor sleep/warm flushes’ rhythm is BULLSHIT :/

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  9. Oh please let me know how this goes, the last two nights I’ve not slept, because I feel like I’m being deep fried from the inside out. It’s the blooming hot flushes hitting back now the weather is warming up. This morning my partner hugged me, as I stumbled out of the bedroom and observed that I felt really really hot – like the heat was pouring out of all my pores…..

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    • Oh goodness, that’s EXACTLY how I describe it too: like my heat is trying to get out of every pore! Mine are luckily more often just ‘warm flushes’, but the temperature does get turned up higher sometimes. I’ll definitely let you know if there’s improvement- apparently de-stressing the kidneys and liver can help; am about to do a new post about my first week so far πŸ‘πŸΌ


  10. I admire your determination and hope the detox has the desired effect, but…no coffee? Celery juice? -sigh- I’ve learned to live with hot flushes. :/

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