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Blogging is hard when I’m such a privileged white woman

So grateful to be locking down here in the rainforest for COVID-19
Still can't believe this is my sunset view over 50 in my tree change

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been absent. I’m struggling so much with the terrible, ongoing events in America, both your virus toll, and racism uprising.

Every time I see the mounting infections tally, I feel sick. And every time I hear of another cop-related murder, or see footage of cruel arrests and police brutality, I cry.

WTF? How are you coping over there? How is life going on as ‘normal’? How exhausted are you, from being on alert, from dealing with your president, from facing your past?

I can’t imagine.

Yet here I sit, safe and sound. Look at my daily view. Look at my cosy home & fire.

I can’t imagine the stress of not feeling safe, ever.

So I’m finding it hard to write about my bushwalk with my visiting cousin, or my attempt at a spoon carving workshop, or even Part Two of my Buddhist breakup survival post, because it all seems so damn SUPERFICIAL, and incredibly spoilt.

Have you seen the TikTok privilege test? One minute of heart-wrenching reality check.

Last week I was reduced to deep sobbing tears on the couch, reading about the murder of Elijah McClain, a gentle, violin-playing introvert, killed by police for wearing a mask…

So yes, I’m still here, reading blog posts, news articles, and trying to educate myself, but finding it hard to just write ‘as normal’. I also decided it was best to create space for all the other blogs and articles written by people of colour which are waaaaaaaaay more important than my over-50’s privilege problems.

How are you coping?

In sadness, G xO


  1. It is difficult. I find it hard to write about my life while feeling guilty over my privilege. It all seems superficial as you say. As far as our country goes, it’s a mess. But somehow the sun comes up everyday and sets accordingly. Many of us feel hopeless as our President and leadership just give up. Others are complaining that their constitutional rights are being taken away because they are asked to wear a mask. WTF? And I personally know people who think it’s all a hoax. It’s all I ca n do to keep from screaming at them. So we huddle in our comfort zones hoping to stay well and wait to vote.

    Thanks for asking. I love your house!!

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    • Yes, I’ve seen footage of the white folks protesting against mask wearing OMG. You sure have my sympathy over there (we have racism here in Oz too of course, and similar denial). Take care of yourself, and yes, VOTE wisely 💪🏼❤️💪🏼

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  2. How are the indigenous Australians getting through this time ? The New Zealand Maori have a great deal to say for themselves on the various current issues.

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  3. I appreciate your blog message. The news and talk is filled with politics, frustration, unbelief, astonishment. That you live in an oasis is refreshing, and renewing for me. I love that you have a wonderful view, please share it, – I find it encouraging that you are trying a class in carving. All around the world there are positive people and it is essential that I am reminded.
    I feel sometimes like I am swamped by the icky stuff, and if you would be kind of enough to share your insights it helps to take off the calluses the negative stuff creates and gives me a breathe of fresh perspective.
    I think it is wonderful that you have empathy. Looking forward to see how your carving classes work out. – Best wishes – David

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    • I really like your comment! It shared what strength we can from those whose lives are OK and who are doing well! I’ve been watching Miu Miu Guitar Girl videos on YouTube and gaining such strength from being part of the global audience enjoying what she shares!

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    • Thanks David- yes, it’s vital we each find comfort & support where we can- these are very trying times, for all of us, to wildly varying degrees. Take care of yourself, & thank you for commenting 🙏🏼🌈

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  4. It’s pretty hard. Many of my college students work in healthcare and are really struggling. People my age have lived through the protests of the 60s. I think we take some comfort in seeing these issues gaining wide attention.

    We’re becoming wise to gaslighting by those in positions of power, I feel, which helps us with discernment and developing our own internal authority.

    I haven’t left home for three months. I am privileged to work from home with both my jobs. We are privileged to have grocery delivery. We are privileged to have a beautiful garden. As an introverted autistic woman, I am, oddly, thriving in this stay-at-home life and shoring up my internal strength and resilience because it is needed now and will be for the future.

    It is the oddest and hardest time for us, and we remind ourselves that we are living through history, that it’s OK not to be OK, and that our deep goodness and kindness matter more now than ever.

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    • Thank you for sharing- I’m so happy to hear you are doing well- I must admit I lean towards introversion, so have loved staying home so much!

      Your comment hums with strength and wisdom, thank you for being you, & sharing of yourself 🙏🏼❤️


  5. I’ve been coping as best I can. It’s hard. It’s overwhelming.

    The hardest parts are those who deny racism is a problem (including my dad) and those who deny the virus is a problem. There are even people who make both issues political, which completely blows my mind. How are human rights and science political?

    It’s unbelievable and hard to come to terms with. It completely baffles me and makes these stressful times even more stressful.

    Additionally, if Trump wins the November election I don’t even know what will happen. I will likely do something drastic.

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    • Oh dear, that does sound terribly stressful! I do feel for my American friends, who are clearly lovely, smart, kind people: having a President like Trump must feel like a living nightmare?

      I hope you’re taking care of yourself L- find those hikes and stress release activities- but yes, battling racism and science skepticism would be exhausting, alongside all the stress of just living in such a volatile climate 😩

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  6. Stories of All our lives are important right now. It’s necessary to see that there’s sanity in the world, that there’s beauty, peace, and tranquility.
    It’s all too easy to get caught up in the narrative of other’s lives, and lose sight of our own.

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  7. I get you.I find it hard blogging in South Africa because it is is so POOR here, this pandemic has highlighted our terrible inequality and every time I write about a walk or a coffee or a piece of cake or a lovely yoga class, I feel so stupid. It is extremely difficult.

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  8. Time is such a weird thing for me. It seems like it was just a few months ago, Australia was hit by horrible wildfires and we were all holding our breaths and praying for you guys. Now our country is on the brink of no return. Can all of us at the same time ever breathe a sigh of relief? Mona

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    • Oh I so know what you mean! I thought 2020 was going to be a fun year… and now while we have some relief from the weather and the virus here, I am terrified at what’s happening in the US- and my little brother lives in Brooklyn 😩

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    • Thanks Mona- yes, he is being VERY careful, and luckily can work from home… but how many don’t have that choice?? 😩 A nightmare unfolding indeed…

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