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From the madness of 1000-strong bush parties, to the miracle of broccoli

Hello everyone, from here in Australia, where we apparently just had the largest social gathering in the world since the pandemic began.

30 minutes from my house.

I know people who went. Hell, the guy who put it on is a friend of dear friends… it’s a small town.

So last weekend, while most of us were still at home binge-watching old series they missed the first time around (hello ‘True Blood’), approx 500-1000 mainly young people arrived on a private property in the rainforest to party. They parked their cars along both sides of a narrow, dark, muddy lane, and danced gloriously till 2.30am. Please click the link above or this same one for the ABC news version of the event, including footage from Instagram.

I was shocked to say the least. Disappointed. Scared. Angry at both the organisers and the attendees, many of whom were backpackers and travellers, not locals.

And more than a little jealous, to be honest.

I used to love ‘bush doofs’ as we call them here. Dancing for hours in the forest, under the full moon, getting lost in the music and each moment, over and over.

A gate to keep out critters

Those were the days.

But now there’s a pandemic- unless you believe there isn’t. And yes, some of those people dancing last weekend think this whole COVID thing is a hoax designed to take our rights away, that no one is really dying, and that the normal flu is worse.

I live in a region with a history of social disobedience and activism; hippies fled here in the early 70s, and influenced a whole town of ‘counter-culture’ called Nimbin, which calls itself the alternative lifestyle capital of Australia.

So as you can imagine, there is some resistance to the lockdown.

Me? I’m happy to surrender. As I wrote last time, I’m super blessed. I moved to my new home 2 weeks before the restrictions kicked in, and my veg garden was one of the reasons I bought in here.

Netting to keep out birds and bats

So while the world is going crazy, in terrible, stupid, cruel, and unlucky ways, I am planting seedlings, and watching them grow.

All praise the miracle of broccoli!

Yes, I miss dancing with my friends, and letting off steam. But I can still do my dance practice in the lounge room. And yes, I miss the thrill of going out, not really knowing how the night will unfold, and what adventures may call…

But for now, I am SO HAPPY to watch florets of broccolis appear, each one perfect in its geometry, promising the taste of feasts to come.

From looking out to the hillside of a thousand people dancing (which normally I would relish), to the simplicity of holding the universe within my hand.

What about you? What’s a small thing you’ve noticed and appreciated in these virus times?

In gratitude for simplicity, and the colour green, G xO


  1. gigglingfattie says

    Oh man! We have had a few gatherings here as well! Even before we were out of stage one we had a gathering of about 10,000 in one downtown Toronto park. No one was social distancing, very few wore masks. Our mayor was even there, sans mask, taking pictures!! He had a mask but just put it down to talk to people I guess? Fines included public indecency for defecting on people’s driveways!!!! Because the facilities in the park were still closed….some people…..

    The one small thing I am enjoying is just the down time for the summer. I honestly thought that I’d be bored out of my mind with no work but I came to a realization (just yesterday) that this is probably the only summer of my life since I was 15 or so that I will ever have no job. No commitments! Except an hour of tutoring every weekday morning. I am embracing that freedom and enjoying the non-stress of it all.

    Ps: sorry for the long comment πŸ˜‚

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    • Aw, I love and appreciate the long comment! That gathering of 10,000 sounds crazy!! But yes, enjoy your summer honey- you work hard and you deserve to just relax sometimes. Stay safe ❀️

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      • gigglingfattie says

        It was crazy! Toronto is the epicenter of the disease for Ontario. We are delaying in reaching the next stages by about a week or so. But I think that’s good, we need to control our cases more.

        And thank you! πŸ™‚ I am still kind of busy, keeping my days full with a routine but like that routine is “facebook for this hour” “laying in the park reading for this block of time” LOL

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  2. There is no accounting for behavior. And it’s weird, because here in the States, we have some people doing the same thing, and according to our news sources, it’s only happening in our country. Personally, I think people are pretty much the same wherever you go. That broccoli looks great, by the way!

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  3. I’m not going to say a word about that bush doof because I’ve had a good day and want to keep it that way. The broccoli, however, deserves accolades! And that glorious vegie garden. I so want something like that. Between birds and possums, not to mention the alpacas, I’ve not had much luck with vegetables. But I do have some tiny kiwi fruit growing. I’m sure they’re not meant to be just starting at this time of year but…they’re there and I say hello to them everyday. πŸ™‚
    Gardens = sanity. -hugs-

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      • I am so filled with envy. My neighbour seems to be putting together either another shed or…what may become a greenhouse. I want so much. 😦

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          • lol – not at the moment. My neighbours are about my age – 60s – but I’ve heard them entertaining their grandkids on many occasions. If that’s a risk they’re prepared to take, fine, but I’m not going anywhere near them.

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          • We’re good. The Offspring hasn’t left the house in months and I’ve only been out a couple of times when there was no other choice. We get everything delivered, and it’s all washed and/or fumigated before it enters the house so…yeah, we’re good. πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh yes I just picked a broccoli floret last night and ate it for dinner!
    Watching two white faced pigeons make a nest in our mango tree is one of my current highlights that I share with my daughter. Loving life . But bring on the dancing and the hugging. xx

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  5. So one of the great blessings that we do at our house (and I’m not sure it’s pandemic related or not) is enjoying barking time since Iggy dog came on board. I just wrote a blog about it if you’re interested; but that’s the one thing that comes to mind at the moment. Your broccoli looks delicious! What else do you have growing? My tomatoes don’t seem to be doing well. 😦 Mona

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  6. Yes that garden is amazing! And yes to True Blood – I was addicted for 7 years with my bestie in Canberra. I would travel over annually and we would binge watch an entire season in 4 days. It was a special bond and I have the entire box set (these do actually still exist!) that I can re-visit at any time! I did not know about the bush doof but it doesn’t surprise me. Were any of the organisers fined?


  7. I love the clear skies and quiet roads thst Covid had brought. A slower pace of life. Scary that this bush doof was close to you. Even for Nimbin that is wild! I almost had a life there on a m/o commune in the early 80’
    The soil there is great for growing. Sounds like you are a ‘Broccoholic’- join the club!

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  8. thetotalfemme says

    All hail broccoli! Today, I was delighted by our old, tri-paw Cairn terrier crunching up a kale stem from our garden. It’s a beautiful day in Boston, despite it all! xottf

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