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Cabbage, chandeliers, and cabaret

G, whatcha been doin’? Remember when you used to blog every week? Yes, but that was before forest and garden tempted me with their bounties.

And before the pandemic made me stay home, cocooned in privilege and privacy, questioning the status quo of social media and blogs in general.

So instead of writing, I’ve been planting/weeding/fertilizing/cooking and eating vegetables like a desperate herbivore.

Plus making delicious sauerkraut with my own-grown red cabbage.

Then there’s the not-so-small matter of a renovation project on my unused studio, which cried out for a chandelier! Finally I found one locally, covered in dust, in a glorious hand-blown deep red. I thought I wanted crystal clear and silver, but I’ve been blessed otherwise, so I’m going with the flow of that.

Bringing it home was an adventure in slow-driving, letting other cars pass, and trying not to be hypnotised by the delightful tinkle tinkle of the swinging crystals. Then a wheelbarrow to get it down my drive to the front door, and the obsessive-compulsive challenge of cleaning & polishing every single piece… it will take me a while… who needs to ever leave home again anyway?

I PROMISE I will post a pic when it’s in place.

With two dear friends, I am also producing and performing in a queer cabaret that we secured post-COVID funding for; we are employing over 20 artists, both on and off the stage, and bringing naughty fun to regional audiences.

So my To Do list is long, ever-growing, and stress-producing. With ‘blogging’ waaaaay down the bottom sorry.

But with only two more weeks to go till curtain rises, I will then have NO EXCUSE not to be here ๐Ÿ˜‰

I need to update you on my mushroom experiment, my latest horse riding adventure in the woods, and my new date…


And that is certainly another post that needs writing.

In gratitude for the colours red and green, G xO


  1. The Christmas colours strongly appeal here in New Zealand, where, by the way, blue is the colour of conservative-centrist political party, red the liberal-centrists. So we’re heavily red and green this week, after our election.

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  2. gigglingfattie says

    All of this sounds amazing! And maybe I please have some sauerkraut?! YUM! I too thought I’d be updating on a date but he seems to have been vanished by wizards or something just a few short days before we were to meet….

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    • Now thatโ€™s an interesting question- we had talked of live-streaming it… not sure if we will or not… but I will certainly put up a photo or two. Thank you for your interest ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. I love the picture of your cabbage. I smiled REALLY big on your description of driving with the chandelier in your truck. I LOVE chandeliers and this one sounds BEAUTIFUL!! Iโ€™m going to Follow you, so I can hear about your show, see photos and of the chandelier too! So glad you are doing something to cheer us all up during COVID! โค

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