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15 weeks since the car crash- how am I doing? Pretty great!

December 3 2020 was a bad day for me, when I had my first car accident in 37 years of driving. Life seems to have become BA & AA now: Before & After Accident. I think it’s a common reaction, and certainly understandable.

I so could have died. Or had internal injuries/broken neck/punctured a lung etc.

But I didn’t.

For which I thank my guardian angels, who felt like my dear departed Dad…

I came home with whiplash and concussion though, so walked around like a zombie for a month, cautious of my ‘frozen’ upper back and neck.

I did no dancing, minimal walking, barely any Pilates, and an awful lot of lying on the couch or bed feeling a bit miserable.

I utterly lost my joy.

So I’m delighted to announce that it’s back! I’m laughing, dancing, making plans, having adventures, getting a groovy haircut as suggested by my son (“Get a mullet Mum, you’d rock it”), and most importantly, feeling fully alive again, at home in my body.

I’m so happy and grateful.

If you keep up with this blog, you’ll know that I am also chewing more slowly now, which has definitely improved my sense of wellbeing and mindfulness.

But more than anything, these last 4 months have been graced and shaped by my unfurling new love, who I’ll call ‘F’. A kind, thoughtful, intelligent, honest, and flawed human being, who rushed to my hospital bedside, lent me a car while I scraped together money to buy a new one, and whippersnipped my driveway and garden because it brought me to tears that I couldn’t manage that for a while.

I feel so lucky.

How tender is the path to fresh romance, strewn with carcasses of loss and pain on both sides? Yet still we tiptoe towards each other, us humans over 50, hoping for another go at the game of love…

Slowly slowly we move closer, and I’m delighted.

In gratitude for resilience, and the power of flirting, love G xO


  1. So wonderful … in every way … that youโ€™re okay! That your body is healing/has healed – are we not amazing creatures? And … your tender new romance … feeling so happy after reading this beautiful post! ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’•โœจ

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  2. gigglingfattie says

    I am in LOVE with all the positivity in this post!!! And happy to read from you again! Glad you are well my amazing friend! Xoxo

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  3. Awww G!!! I have the biggest grin on my face because this post made me soooo happy for you! In addition to the new hairdo (you look fabulous by the way) and your healing and “F” well, let me just say I am thrilled for you! Ah yes…and the flirting…that part of romance I miss! So glad you’ve found it! I wish you all the BEST!! xoxo

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  4. Three cheers for love. Especially love later in life. I feel delight observing in my friends their new loves and to have for myself this experience of opening to a freshness and feeling joy and pleasure in another. So funny how it arrived for quite a few of my friends all at once and included me too!
    I’m super glad you’ve recovered your joy, and as horrific as that car accident was it’s ‘impact’ has enabled insights that you never would have had. Oh life, must you be so dramatic to teach us things…. Love

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