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Chewing slowly: who knew it would change my life?

Hi there! 10 weeks since my car accident, and I’m slowly but surely feeling like my old self again. Just with a stiff neck, and a little more anxiety in vehicles generally, especially going round corners.

But I’m getting some style of healing treatment every week (Osteo/physio/Kinesiology/Cranio-Sacral/massage), so I’m blessed to be recovering my physicality.

I had a very quiet New Year’s Eve, as it was only 3 weeks since the crash then, and wondered about my new resolutions? To be honest, I just wanted to feel well again, without a permanent headache, and the disconcerting sense of a hand gripping my throat…

So no one was more surprised than me when on New Year’s Day I suddenly announced I was going to eat more mindfully.

Specifically: to count my chews, and do at least 25-30 per mouthful.

First I conducted controlled research on how many times I usually masticate my food: 5 to 10 chews before I swallow. How many do you do?

Then I practiced how many I could get comfortable with, which seemed to be 25-30. Which is interesting, because multiple sources of dietary information online recommended chewing approx 30 times before swallowing, once the food has become almost liquid in your mouth.

Surprisingly, nowadays it can take me 40 chews to make a raw apple feel ready to swallow. My morning breakfast of avocado and sauerkraut on toast is at least 25-35. A handful of nuts can be 40-50.

It’s fascinating!

I’ve always been a fast eater, mainly because I just love food and fresh flavours so much. Slowing down, and being truly aware of my eating process as it’s happening is bringing me unexpected joy.

It’s truly Mindfulness in Action.

I so suggest you try it today, then let me know how many times you usually chew, vs your count when you slow down and chew.

I’ve noticed I want to focus more on what I’m tasting, and not be juggling a phone call or a series of emails; there is something so peaceful about simply eating.

And the rising numbers feel almost like a mantra.

I’ve been doing it since Jan 1st, and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I’ve been feeling very calm, and definitely eating a bit less. In these days of such global inequalities and pandemic stress, it feels like the least I can do is be mindful and grateful for every meal I am blessed to have and share.

So that’s my unforeseen update. I thoroughly recommend chewing slowly. Notably, everyone I’ve mentioned it to has been intrigued, and given it a go.

Now we’re REALLY talking about the Slow Food Movement!

Please try it, even if it’s just a cookie, and comment about your experience πŸ™‚

In gratitude for my tastebuds, G xO


  1. gigglingfattie says

    So glad to hear you are recovery well my friend! πŸ’›

    I’ve tried this counted chewing before but never stuck with it haha its a texture thing for me, I can’t keep it up

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  2. Ha ha I’ve always eaten slowly. I remember in middle school, a classmate at my cafeteria table asked if I count how many times I chew. I hadn’t heard of doing that at that point– it just came naturally. This also means that when eating with other people, I’m usually the last one to finish.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your food. ☺️

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  3. Love it. πŸ˜€ … I always put my knife and fork/spoon down between mouthfuls. When I don’t I catch myself readying the next mouthful before I finish chewing the previous one.

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  4. Mmm…I love food but also tend to ‘eat and do’ at the same time. I’ll give it a go, especially as there’s solid evidence that the something-or-others in saliva actually start the digestive process. Makes sense to mix them in more thoroughly. πŸ™‚

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  5. As I read this, I had just scarfed down a couple of doughnuts. Not my usual fare, but they were the gourmet kind, from the city. And now I feel awful:). I think I might take a page out of your book!

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  6. I hope you’re continuing to heal. You don’t come up in my reader often so I missed out on a lot of your posts. But here I am, catching up. Are you still doing the extra chewing? How is that going? I have never tried that, but it does sound interesting and I’m willing to give it a go. Maybe it will help me to shed the covid 15 that I’ve put on while mindlessly chewing treats while at home. :). Love the horse by the way! Is s/he yours?

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    • I am indeed continuing to heal after the crash thank you- I need to write an update.

      Yes, I am still chewing slowly, and loving it. It definitely helps me eat a little less πŸ˜‰ Plus a good sweaty power walk 4 times a week!

      No, the horse isn’t mine, just lives down the road- but I loved how much it made me laugh, and I wanted to share some joy with my readers xx


      • Well, the joy was shared and enjoyed by us all G! I am going to try the chewing experiment and will let you know. I’m glad it’s working for you! Keep smiling! xx

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  7. well I just read your blog while eating and I’m not sure what I did but it def wasn’t 20-30 chews. My old Aikido sensei use to lecture us about chewing all the time. So I have had periods of doing this consciously and really pushing the envelope of liquid etc… I might have to bring consciousness back and read your blogs during tea or coffee instead!

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