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I know this is so wrong… but I promise I’ll do it today…

… I think the devil made me do it 🙂

I know one reader in particular (Hi P!) is going to tear his hair out at my folly.

What’s a dumb thing you can’t help doing, even though you absolutely KNOW you shouldn’t?

Drive a bit too far before filling up with petrol?

Too long time between dentist appointments? (Damn, I do that too).

Release your foolish failures here, it’s a safe space 🙂

In gratitude for being silly sometimes, without huge repercussions, G xO


  1. I do similarly sometimes (not the petrol though) so I get it! Glad you’re getting things done G! I am a great procrastinator with paperwork, putting it off, delaying it until one day I swoop in to get it done before the due date…and in the meantime I harass myself days before I do it, nagging myself but delaying it all the same. LOL Not a great disciplinarian of myself, am I? LOL

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  2. -giggles- I learned my lesson about petrol when my old Morris Nomad literally ran out in the middle of the intersection of Flinders and Elizabeth Streets in the Melbourne CBD. Thank god I was young and a lot prettier back then and a couple of nice blokes helped push me out of the way. -blush-

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  3. Rachel McAlpine says

    The problem with actually doing those long-deferred jobs is that then you notice another one… And another… And another. Our of sight, out of mind, my mother would say (sometimes with glee).

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