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From Brooklyn to the Bush: going out to the Australian desert for some silence

Hello folks- do any of you recall my Yatra last year, meditating and walking the South Coast national park after the terrible bushfires, with a group of mainly over 50s? It was stunning, and even made me delete the Candy Crush app, check the post HERE for details.

Well, I’m going again. But this time, to Alice Springs in central Australia, hiking along the Finke River:

“The Finke River, or Larapinta (Arrernte), is a river in central Australia, one of four main rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin and thought to be the oldest riverbed in the world. It flows for only a few days a year and when this happens, its water usually disappears into the sands of the Simpson Desert, rarely if ever reaching Lake Eyre.” (Wikipedia)

I’m very excited, as you can see from this freshly-snapped selfie as I type!

And my living room is a mess, as I air all my thermals and sleeping bag, trying to pack minimally yet effectively. Last-minute washing needs to dry, and I can’t decide whether to take poles or not… So for once, I’m not nagging my son ’22’ to tidy up, and he’s just rolling his eyes playfully at me, happy at my glee.

As I explained during the previous Yatra post last year, my favourite aspect of this adventure is NOT having to carry my big backpack as we walk, plus vegetarian food catering, although everything else is basic and a bit tough of course- like minus 3 degrees last night apparently!

We will have no mobile reception for 10 days out there , so I promise I will share many photos on my return. I’m so lucky to be going from the bright jungle of New York to the red dust and depth of central Australia, via the soft green forests of my home, so please stay safe & well in my absence, and I’ll be back here for a cuppa and a chat soon… hopefully without too many blisters.

In gratitude for hiking boots and the fitness to use them, G xO


  1. Please, please, please take lots of photos of the Finke and the country through which it flows, or doesn’t. I’ve had a story idea involving the that whole area for 2 decades now, but not being able to see it means I’ve never written anything beyond the basic idea.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip and return refreshed. 🙂

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