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Farewell New York, you were great, thank you

It’s been an action-packed three weeks, and now I’m so ready for home in Australia.

I’ve ticked off every item on my ‘Must Do/See’ list, including: Central Park, the Met/Whitney/Guggenheim/New Museum/Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, ferry past Statue of Liberty, Manhattan walks, Brooklyn Bridge, Red Hook, Roosevelt Island, and 10-15kms/day of street strolling. I also got to walk & talk all through the Botanic Gardens with fellow blogger LA, which was an unexpected treat.

I’ve discovered the joys of Van Leuwen’s vegan ice cream, plus the widely-available bakeries & Mexican food all through Brooklyn, & of course Key Lime Pie.

My brother’s wedding was wonderful- I got to walk him down the aisle- and my speech went down well too (phew).

The last week has just been relaxing at his apartment, getting to know he & his lovely wife (they have been together for 10 years but she & I have only met once before for 24hrs in a barn in France); I am SO LUCKY & grateful to have spent this time together after so much separation and loss.

Now, two long flights await me: 12hrs then 14. *grimaces. I already feel like I’m transitioning out of here, & I am so ready for Home Sweet Home.

In celebration of these amazing 3 weeks, I got my nails done (which I never do!), so I’m tapping out this post on my smartphone, admiring the little apples…

With a full heart, & infinite gratitude for this special time, much love to all, G xO


    • On my last day, it was 95F/34C! Like being in Australia 😩
      Luckily my brother came with me to subway and carried my case up 3 flights of steep stairs. Such a wonderful city, had a truly fabulous time ❤️🍎

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