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No more travel quarantine in Australia, so now I’m in New York

Yes, you read that right Folks. After 2 years not going anywhere or doing much at all, I have impulsively flown to the Big Apple for 3 weeks!

I have a great motivation too: after postponing twice due to Covid of course, my dear brother is getting married in Manhattan.

In 2020, I was taking my son as well- I had a suit made to measure- it was very exciting… and then Covid/lockdowns/quarantines etc- literally no planes flying out of Australia.

After a little tantrum, I surrendered. And have been carving spoons, gardening, & pottering around in the rainforest.

But right now, I’m in New York New York. Brooklyn for a week, Manhattan for 5 days near the wedding venues, then back to Brooklyn.


Walking, walking, walking. People watching. Eating. Listening. Smelling. More walking. Yesterday I stepped out 13.3kms, and today was 14 as I crossed back and forth over the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’ve never made a blog post on my phone, tapping away in my cute Airbnb, so I don’t know if I can insert photos…

High line

Ooh yes, it worked ✔️

Who’s been to New York? Who has suggestions?

I’m a very happy G, so grateful for my privilege, & family events like weddings, after a long time apart & quite a bit of loss.

Bring on the Joy. Love to all, G xO


  1. Do you like museums? Both the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are fabulous. Then you can also enjoy Central Park. Also, I’ve done some great people watching at Washington Square Park.

    It’s so good to travel again after not being able to!

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  2. Omg!! What do you want to do? I can suggest if you tell me what’s interesting to you. If you want to meet up (I’m self quarantining till Sunday when my daughter leaves for South Africa) e-mail me…

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  3. lblooom says

    I love New York! The city always reminds me of everyone’s shared humanity. I feel more connected to the people around me than I do anywhere else.

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    • Wow, that’s interesting. I’m slightly daunted by how many people there are living in one place, but I certainly appreciate the collective agreement to functional ‘organized chaos’, esp the driving & parking! 😳

      Thank you for reading & commenting, G 🙂

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  4. G this is wonderful news! I am so happy for you! And I’m jealous that you and LA get to meet up! How exciting! Stay safe and have a wonderful time! Big happy hugs to you! xx

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  5. Soooo envious. We had a big trip planned in 2020 too and has to cancel. Fully paid but got about 90% back. Will get there some day, was planning for New England region down to Washington. Are you noticing any restrictions or changes? Enjoy!

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    • People are very friendly, masks still requested but not enforced in most shops etc. Not heaps of tourists yet which is lovely. I’ve so enjoyed myself, it’s been such a blessing to be here 🙏🏼

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  6. Fabulous! I’m right over the river in New Jersey and looking forward to going to NYC next month to meet with a friend I haven’t seen since before the pandemic. Be sure to see Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Soho, and the East Village before you leave. Those are my favorite parts of Manhattan.

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    • Thanks! I did all of those I think… make sure you go to the Brooklyn Museum, great works on there- I loved Brooklyn ❤️


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  8. Just spent a long weekend in Greenwich Village-the people watching is the BEST! See my blog post about it at

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