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More photos from the Australian desert during a silent bushwalking adventure, with brumbies & a camel (Part Two)

Hello folks, and welcome to Part Two of my Yatra photo blog; Part One is here.

Remember, a Yatra is a silent, meditative walk, a journey from the quiet heart…

Except when it’s not. Wild brumbies galloped down the rocky river bed one night, making me fear for my tent and belongings. A sick-sounding camel moaned its way along the river bank, and the nightly howl of dingoes (both far and near) reminded me that we were out in the Australian desert, a long way from safety and suburbia! Not to mention the sometimes-very-annoying habits of my fellow travellers, particularly snoring. But that’s in another post 🙂

From the big to the small, I loved it. The chance to walk, think, rest, meditate, walk, swim (SO COLD), eat vegetarian food, and walk more, with like-minded folks of all types and ages, was such a blessing.

I did one a year ago HERE, and really hope I get to do another next year, and every year after that…

Yatra Australia pick different places to explore (this one in the Finke River of Central Australia took them 5 years to establish, from the initial idea, to the mapping of the walk, to the logistics of hiring buses/cars/a trailer etc), and I’d love to do one in Tasmania.

They’re smart too: planned this one for the full moon, so we were treated to a silvered landscape at night (which offered a small compensation for the agony of getting out of a warm sleeping bag into a below zero world for that final toilet call).

Come back next time for more stunning images, including my fav shot of the whole trip, with both the full moon and dawn’s rays lighting up the red cliff…

In gratitude for walking, and wild places still being wild, G xO


      • it would be great if I could… my little island beauty of Trinidad fits into your grand multifaceted Australia about a million times… I will have to settle for an early morning cafe visit… but enjoy your lovely country and moments of silence and peace…

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        • Thank you I will! True, this country is very large… more photos coming soon. Enjoy the café (although I’m sure there’s some countryside somewhere you could walk in) 😎

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  1. I love my warm bed too much to ever do what you’ve done but…gods I’d love to see what you’ve seen with my own eyes. That country is so spectacular. Thank you for the photos. I need to go wipe the drool off my chin now. :/

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