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Yet more photos from the Australian desert during a silent bushwalking adventure (Part Three)

Hello Folks, thanks for dropping by.

I’m trying to upload more photos from my Meditation walk, but the dumb smartphone is not complying. How I wish I was back in the desert, just walking (Part One and Part Two are here).

I miss the circle of power as we meditate together, which makes my brain buzz. I miss the break from no admin, no work, no housecleaning, no driving, no cooking!

I miss the incredible gift of walking among Red Cabbage palms who only grow here, in a narrow gorge, with scientists still wondering how they arrived and thrive.

I miss the simplicity of only having two outfits: walking clothes, and back-at-camp-&-sleeping clothes. Keeping warm, then safe from sunburn, then warm again saw a juggle of hats/beanies/scarves & sarongs (even though it was ‘winter’ in the desert, the sun is still strong).

Fashion sense did not apply.

It was such a relief to be silent. To walk and eat in silence; to pack up and down in silence; to spend time with new humans in challenging circumstances like a 25km hike, yet not chattering, or knowing what they do for a job, or how many kids they have.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bonesilverrivertree.jpg

To spend time with the desert country was a huge privilege, and we introduced ourselves to each new campsite, thanking the ancestors for having us, letting them know that we came in peace and healing.

When did you last have a nature walk? Have you ever walked in silence with a friend? I so recommend it.

More photos coming soon, when I can get my phone to cooperate…

In gratitude for boots, backpacks, and quiet buddies, G xO


  1. Doing anything with a bunch of strangers 24/7 is my idea of hell but…a silent walk where I could almost be alone with the world might just work. Hope the phone behaves. 🙂

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  2. Wonderful pictures. I felt this post to my toes. I smiled over the two sets of clothes, as in retirement it is the same for me. Ditto the sense of freedom each day. I look forward to more from you. Your gratitude is invigorating.

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