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Teenage Tuesday: Being 51 (going on 15), & retiring to bed alone with wet hair

Me *yawning at 6am: Did I just catch a glimpse of someone utterly dishevelled reflected in the kitchen window? Me: Yes, you did. It’s me. Me: But… what the hell happened? I just went to bed peacefully after my bath… Me: … with wet hair. Me: Oh yeah, that’s right. Is it bad? Me: Definitely. Take pictures as evidence for later once you’ve found your glasses and woken up a bit. Me: Great idea.  

When you go on a big adventure with your hairdresser

Me to Hairdresser: It’s time for a change. I did a survey on my blog, and these are the results: Option A- 12 votes Option B- 8 votes Option C- 12 votes Keep it like it is (not really an option people, but thanks for playing anyway)- 4 votes Hairdresser to me: Who are these people??  Right. I’m glad you’ve done your research. Let me see the pics… OK… and here’s some more on my phone… dazzled by too many choices now? All part of my master plan. So just trust me, and I’ll sort it out. Me *taking a deep breath: Let’s go! I hadn’t had it cut for at least 8 weeks, so there was lots of length to play with. She cut it a bit, then applied bleach… Hairdresser: Have you had a full scalp bleach before? Me *gulping: No. Her: Well, it tingles… And first we have to strip the silver, then do another round of toner, so it’s a process… Me: OMG what have I done????? Her: Trust me! Toner goes on …