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When you go on a big adventure with your hairdresser

Selfcare over 50 means a good haircut

Ready for a change in the hair department #over50blogger #haircut #selfcare #wellbeing

Me to Hairdresser: It’s time for a change. I did a survey on my blog, and these are the results:

  • Option A- 12 votes
  • Option B- 8 votes
  • Option C- 12 votes
  • Keep it like it is (not really an option people, but thanks for playing anyway)- 4 votes

Hairdresser to me: Who are these people??  Right. I’m glad you’ve done your research. Let me see the pics… OK… and here’s some more on my phone… dazzled by too many choices now? All part of my master plan. So just trust me, and I’ll sort it out.

Me *taking a deep breath: Let’s go!

I hadn’t had it cut for at least 8 weeks, so there was lots of length to play with. She cut it a bit, then applied bleach…

Hairdresser: Have you had a full scalp bleach before?

Me *gulping: No.

Her: Well, it tingles… And first we have to strip the silver, then do another round of toner, so it’s a process…

Me: OMG what have I done?????

Her: Trust me! Toner goes on next.

By now, there were heavily-invested observers popping by: other clients, the massage therapist next door, the boutique owner across the courtyard, the beautician… Luckily I’m not a shrinking violet. Although that toner does look very violet hey?

Her: Nearly done. Looking good. Now to cut it a bit shorter…



A change is as good as a rest, and a new haircut over 50 works wonders for your self esteem and wellbeing

New haircut #readyforaction #over50 #selfcare #over50style @cherrychocolateblonde @boneandsilver

What do you think Readers?

And for me, the true test of a new hairdo is how it looks 3 days later at home, when you’ve done it yourself in the bathroom mirror:

new haircut means new attitude over 50

Home-styled hair #over50 #over50style #australia @cherrychocolateblonde @boneandsilver

It still needs to settle in (my hair is in serious, straw-like shock), but I so love it; I needed it. It was also delightful to get ’17’s reaction:

‘Oh wow, you did it Mum, you did it! That’s awesome’.

I’m still freaking myself out when I look in the mirror initially, or catch a glimpse in a shop window, but what fun hey? Thanks so much for all the enthusiastic support, and now I’m about to find out if blondes really do have more fun…

In gratitude for the freedom to change image, and playing with chemicals in the hands of an expert, G xO 

PS: If you live in Australia, and want to go to the best hairdresser in the world, contact me for her details- thanks Chris of Cherry Chocolate Blonde, you’re so good xxx

PPS: Damn, just realised I may have to change the name of this blog to bone&blonde 😉



  1. Oooohhhhh you look gorgeous! Not that you didn’t before but … wow. 😍 I’m glad it turned out so well, and it really suits you!
    (*looks for plane tickets to Australia to get to that hairdresser, sees prices, falls over*)

    Hairdresser: “Who are these people??” had me gigglesnorting into my coffee.

    Thank you for sharing the process and the result! It was fun coming along for the ride!

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  2. Looking groovy . You did it 😍 I’m a chicken . I only get a hair cut once in a blue moon since I worry they are going to stuff it up.

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  3. Love the shorter hair – lots of conditioner including serum should treat the shocked hair! Looks silvery to me though! You look amazing!

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    • Thanks Penny, and welcome. Yes, it IS kinda silvery, and I love it; your compliment is much-appreciated, and I am loving my conditioner bottle right now : ) G


  4. Mark Hutchinson says

    You look fabulous, the colour really suits you. Brilliant decision. I love the progression of pictures and the pulled faces, it was fun to scroll through. I hope you and yours are very well. Mark xx

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    • Hey thanks for commenting Mark, and for going to such an effort- I’m really glad you enjoyed the post, and that you approve of the hairdo!! All is very well here thanks, and I wish the same for you and yours too. Blessings, G ❤


  5. Well judging by the comments again, maybe hair should be the permanent focus of your blog?!!! Looking GREAT, and I’m glad you chose my favourite option. Once it’s longer the tousled look of the model will be easier to achieve. Well done!

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    • Thanks Cougar- I know right: so much engagement on these two hair posts! 😬
      Glad you like it, and as it grows, more hair styles and colours will emerge no doubt… very exciting 😊 (in such a superficial way 😘)

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    • Thanks Spicejac- I’ve always been a bit of a hair experimenter to be honest- once I had dreadlocks, and several times I’ve clippered it all off (although not for many years it’s true) 😊

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  6. I think it looks fab. Always a fan of shorter hair. Loved the pics in the salon too. As to the name change, I don’t think so. (But if you do ‘bone and salt’ has a great piratey feel to it lol).

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    • Thanks Jean 😊
      Ooh, bone&salt does sound fab, but I adore bone&silver, I’d never change it! I’m loving the shorter hair too: so much easier 👍🏼👍🏼

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  7. zlotybaby says

    The haircut looks great! It’s interesting how people need to change their looks when a change in their life comes. Or sometimes how they change their hair/looks drastically when gathering courage for the change.

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