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Eating with teenage son…

We’re chatting & laughing as we share my yummy nachos, when suddenly:

Him: Mum…

Me: [Giggling, cheesey corn chips halfway to my mouth] Yes Sweetie…

Him: Have you seen that meme online which says ‘If I can hear you chew your food, I’m fantasizing about killing you’?



*Disclaimer: my son ‘Almost17’ is fabulously kind, sensitive, smart and honest. We spent 2 months sitting in an old Barn in the Dordogne region of France a couple of years ago, cooking, reading, & talking. HERE’S one of my fav longer posts from those days, if you’re interested ❀


  1. Our kids twenty year old triplets just moved back home for the summer. One brought a puppy that’s not housebroken yet and another has promised to take a kitten from his girlfriend’s litter in a few weeks. We already have three dogs, a cat, and two horses that keep us tied down. My den is back to being filled with people and their laptops, long legs and glasses and cups on every table. Their friends will be coming around soon since they are coming home also. And I wouldn’t change a thing about this crazy transition. In three months it will be quiet again and we will wish they were here. But maybe not while we’re enjoying watching our favorite show and hearing all the words.

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    • Fantastic! Enjoy that chaos 😊
      I love my peace & quiet at home alone, but when my son is here with all his long legged, boisterous, hungry and funny friends, there is an equal delight in being [almost] part of their cool gang πŸ˜ƒ
      I’m glad you could relate, & commented, thanks

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  2. Sally says

    I’m concerned that my 20-year-old son is the originator of that meme… Feeling your pain as I wash up a sink full of dishes left by the 17-year-old today πŸ™‚

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    • Hahaha- at least he’s using his creativity in a positive manner! And my deal with dishes is ‘If I haven’t benefited from the mess you’ve made cooking, I don’t wash it up’. Try it :~) Thanks for reading & commenting, G


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