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1 more sleep till we leap

I’m so excited I can barely work, nor compose blog posts. But a dear reader just sent me a link to Elephant Journal, and this extract says it way better than I can right now:

“We’ve all heard the quote, “Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.” True love for me is the opposite of this saying. We know that we love someone when we can live with them and we can live without them. There’s something about love that overcomes distance and space…”


Sunset tonight. And that’s an eagle in the centre of the sky

“When we love, we feel an astounding sense of safety. We allow this person to challenge us, to help us give birth to the best version of ourselves. And this evokes a happiness that we can’t easily measure… 

Love is a series of leaps of faith. We jump, knowing that not doing so will leave us with pain and regret. And with every leap, we trust that we will not fall.”



Safe travels H, and see you at the airport xxx



  1. I agree. I did not marry until I was 41, and I am glad I waited. Our summers apart bring us closer together (with a little bumpy weather during the transitions 🙂 ). Revel in your romance.

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    • Thanks again for commenting Matt, & sharing your own experience. I am indeed revelling in this adventure, & at 51 now, I’m wondering where it may lead… this love certainly feels very different… 😊 G


    • Thanks L- yes, the anticipation is indeed delightful; I’m also trying not to project too much nor expect too much etc etc- it’s a tricky balance! We’re both pretty keen though… 😍😘 xO

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  2. Oh this is glorious! Love this Gabrielle. Have a wonderful reunion. ❤ And I very much agree with you — the connection is inside, isn't it? So being able to be apart is such a great example of that. I'm learning so much about this in my current relationship.

    You are wonderful. So happy for you. Debbie

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    • Thanks Debbie! You are unceasingly cheerful & supportive, I love it 😊
      And it’s good to hear your current relationship is teaching you great stuff too 😊🙏🏼

      Leaving for the airport in 15 mins… 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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      • Do you really think it gets easier when we get older? I have noticed it does but I’m. It sure if that’s because I have more life experience and perspective or if I’m numb. What do you think?

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        • Personally, I just got better at articulating what I wanted (attention/sex/casual fun/romance/love), and at saying ‘No thanks, I’d rather be alone right now’. I LOVE my own company! But to be numb is not a good place to start : (
          Have you read that book ‘Attached’ by Amir Levine? SO SO READ IT RIGHT NOW. Then get back to me : ) Blessings

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