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Living with teenage son No. 250

Him: ‘Mum look, I’ve created a Study Nook! I’m so going to get on top of my assignments.’

Me [Looking at my now un-useable spare room, complete with blocked access to my linen cupboard, and removal of my only bedside lamp plus the living room coffee table]: ‘That’s great Honey…’


Me [Having taken back my bedside light, and moved the coffee table so I can get sheets & towels out]: ‘How’s the study going?’

Him: ‘Well I can’t work now that my habitat’s been destroyed.’



  1. sex line stories says

    So funny! How could you ruin his habitat! Hehe….Tut tut mum….. isn’t it funny how parent’s are always to blame! Kids who’d have Them! My son is five. If got a few more yrs till Iv get this stuff lol

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    • Oh yes, this kinda stuff will come don’t you worry! I love my boy (he’s 17 now) but he’s a bit of a classic in the drama department 😏
      I’m glad you laughed 😊

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